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The fitness industry is growing at a very rapid rate. However, organisation in this sector remains as one of the biggest challenges. There are fitness centres being run by individuals who have no experience of fitness and there’s a huge chunk of trainers who are not certified. With clients becoming more well-read, players in the industry are seeing this chunk as a threat to the industry and are, therefore, going for relaunches and re-branding, the recent case being that of Reebok Crossfit Gurugram.

The previous owner was not well accommodated and educated about the fitness sector. There was no flexibility regarding the timings. Also, there was the problem of the inability of the centre to run simultaneous classes. In terms of location, the earlier sector wasn’t very easily reachable. Also, the training rooms were not up to the mark. So the centre has to suffer huge losses and eventually had to be shut down.

Himanshu Bathla, a professional trainer himself, decided to take matter upon his hands and hence relaunched the Reebok CrossFit centre, but with a new studio, in a new location, and with new equipment. Himanshu wanted that CrossFit should not be identified with the general stigma of a gym. With an informed customer base, by planned marketing, he made sure that this was not an issue. He increased his staff members, previously from two to three members to currently nine. He even introduced yoga into CrossFit ass he felt it would cater the needs of the older generation.

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Himanshu is very much disciplined in keeping his centre highly organized. He knows gyms nowadays have no criteria in recruiting their trainers. Since clients never ask, owner easily recruits people having no knowledge about health and fitness. Earlier, the centre had very few unqualified trainers to cater the huge crowd of Gurugram and people seemed completely dissatisfied with the trainers. So he is very strict in getting his trainers, and only certified trainer gets the opportunity to work in his centre. Also, he made a strict rule of keeping the trainers under a 3-month internship first and then giving them permanent positions.

Himanshu is also buoyant about the jovial response from the Reebok brand. Reebok is constantly on the lookout for coaches who can promote their philosophy – ‘Fitness is Life’ and Himanshu fits perfectly in their thinking. The trust of Reebok is one of the main factors that Himanshu feels work to his advantage in getting people to his centre. Also, due to the brand Reebok, Himanshu is able to call upon certain celebrities which helps in great promotion of his centre. Reebok also helps by providing certain equipment to the centre. In fact, equipment at Reebok CrossFit Gurugram was initially sponsored by Reebok. Himanshu feels that the constant support from the brand is helping his centre push towards the top.


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Overall Himanshu is providing all the necessary investment so that his CrossFit remains updated with the ever-changing demands of regular updation. Due to the lacklustre attitude of the previous, Himanshu had to undergo huge losses first. But he was determined to give quality fitness training to his clients. He knew the health issues of the people of Gurugram, and his main focus was the better fitness of the people, irrespective of the cost he had to incur first. Also, he is thinking of expanding his franchise. He feels that with the proper knowledge and understanding, Crossfit will be able to easily apt the needs of the Indians. But before expanding he has a condition, that the owners and trainers should be certified trainers themselves. A smart and safe move though.

Source- “Why Reebok Crossfit Gurgaon Relaunched and What It Looks in a Franchisee” by Pragati Ratti Sharma

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