The “run” way life-Shibani Gharat

Blog By-Pooja Seth

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
Today the woman about which you are going to read will compell you to break your chains and live the life of your dreams.She is Shibani Gharat.Shibani Gharat first started running in college, It was her warm-up for taekwondo classes.But now running plays a key part in her life.Her morning begins with a 20km run ,Have I mentioned that she is also a journalist .Yes! you read it right.Ms. Gharat is also a journalist and also manages to run marathons and practices running.She has always been an advocate of fitness.
When she chose running it was mainly because it was easy and just needed a pair of shoes. She participated in Mumbai Ultra-marathon and completed it.On Sunday, September 14, Shibani Gharat, one of India’s youngest women ultra runners, became the first non-Ladakhi woman to attempt an ultra marathon that had her meet with the Khardung La.
The toughest challenge she has faced is the ultra marathon at Leh and being a non Ladhaki woman it was very challenging with her but she passed it with flying colours.The Khardung Challenge is one of the toughest challenges as you have to run up almost 18,400 feet in the middle of the world’s most rugged land.
She prepared for it by running much on the hills of Mumbai but nothing could be done to much to prepare for Leh as the conditions there are very different.Apart from being oxygen deficit , the weather is also very challenging.
Shibani exclaims that no matter how much difficulties she had to face, the satisfaction that dawns after completing it is worth it.
Here are some tips she shares for a marathon:
1.Reach the venue early!
2.Make an achievable target.
3.Mentally divide the race distance into smaller distances.Divide and conquer!
4.Hydrate your self well.
5.Carry your own hydration.
5.Do not break momentum while stopping at the water station.
6.Do not trt something new be it your socks,shoes,tshirt.shorts.
everything should be worn which is used on regular basis.
If you also want to know how you can start running .Here are some words from her-
1.The first and the foremost is to warm up.It helps reduce muscle damage.
2.First break into a brisk walk and then convert it into a walk.
3.Keep your pace slow.

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She actively participates in various marathons and you can see her instagram profile to keep up beat with her.She also has a you tube channel with her name.
According to her independence is very important for a women, and every women should aim for being indepenent in every aspect of life.There are times when your body and mind will want to give up but that is the time when you have to motivate yourself and push yourself further.
Every new accomplishment requires you to grow from your current stage and push your limits.
You have to believe in yourself and have confidence and always follow your passion.Running helped her discover that one can achieve anything if the whole mind is put .