The Powerful Benefits of Plyometric Training.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

If you want to add more energy to your exercise routine, what you need is plyometric training. Plyometrics are also called plyos, and they consist of powerful and fast movements. These exercises improve the working of your nervous system and thus improve your overall performance in sporting events.

They involve relaxing and contracting muscles in fast sequences, making use of elasticity, innervations, and strength of tissues and muscles that are involved in running faster, jumping higher, and throwing farther. Thus, plyometrics are especially useful for track and field athletes. Plyos raise the force and speed of your muscle contractions, leading to higher explosive power that is needed in sports activities.

Track and field events aren’t the only sports that need plyos. Soccer, rugby, racket sports, martial arts, and basketball also make use of plyometrics, in fact every sport can benefit to some extent from plyometric training.

There are many benefits of plyometrics, like:

  • Enhanced Performance

Since plyometrics can boost your running speed, your performance can improve a lot. Even if you are involved in an activity that does not involve running, plyos can still help you, because you can be better at throwing farther or punching harder. Plyometric training can help you achieve almost all athletic goals.

  • Muscle Power

With plyos, the strength of your arm and leg muscles would be enhanced by a higher rate of force development, thereby guaranteeing a rise in muscular power and force.

  • Burning Calories

As your muscles become bigger, stronger and improve in its endurance capabilities, you will burn calories at a higher rate. Plyometric exercises would increase your metabolism so you will burn more calories even when you are at rest. Since muscle maintenance needs more energy than fat maintenance, you will burn more calories with each activity.

  • Endurance

If you have a competition coming up, plyos can help you beef up your stamina very specifically for that major event. Plyometric exercises can be used to enhance power endurance, power is an important performance indicator and when this type of endurance is developed, you are able to perform at a higher intensity for longer.

Plyometric training can also teach the endurance athlete to produce muscular force more efficiently; this efficiency is realized through the body learning to produce more force for less energy expenditure. Thus this saving in energy cost can be recouped towards the end of any endurance type activity i.e. the energy savings made during the beginning of the competition is now available in abundance for the end game.

It is this that makes it possible for endurance athletes to benefit from doing plyometric training.

  • No Extreme Equipment

As you already know, exercising equipment is expensive. Plyometrics does not require you to buy any such equipment. You can use the things that are lying around your house and complete your exercise routine with them.

  • For All Needs

Plyometrics can be calibrated according to anyone’s needs. You can jump on trampoline or use a jump rope. You can even get two platforms and jump on them back and forth. The right plyometric training would depend upon your needs and your fitness level.


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