The perks of being an ACSM certified exercise specialist

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

Gym is what every second person does now after their 9 to 5 job. Those who don’t go to gym due to lack of time follow a thorough exercise regime every day. It is something that is becoming a trend out of necessity. And so as a perk, one of the fastest growing jobs these days is gym trainer or we call it exercise specialist. The need for an exercise specialist is emerging in every sector. From it offices to school, institutes, health care centres, local community parks to gym and training centers, this exercise specialist is needed and seen everywhere. So if you want to follow the trend and be a part of a revolution which is gonna happen in  a few years, where the most sought after job will be exercise trainers, go for this course.

American College of Sports and  Medicine ( ACSM USA) has been the most reputed college for providing the certificate in fitness profession.  ACSM is one of the first institutes to establish guidelines and certifications for health professionals. They have certified over 25,000 health and fitness professionals in 44 countries. ACSM certification is NCCA accredited and a very prestigious certification owned in health profession. The course will be covering working with individuals with controlled cardiovascular pulmonary and metabolic disease. It also trains in clinical exercises testing and data interpretation along with conducting and interpreting ECG’s at rest and during exercise.

The minimum requirement for this certification course is a bachelor’s degree in a health field from a regionally accredited college or university. Minimum 600 hours of practical experience in a clinical exercise programme is required which can be in cardiac, pulmonary rehabilitation programme, exercise prescription/testing, electrocardiography, patient counseling, or disease management. A certification of a basic life support provider or CPR for the professional rescuer is needed for the criteria. One can also get it from the American Heart association or the American Red Cross.  A correspondence along with re-examination is also available in this programme.  So if you love exercise and encourage your friends to follow it then you should get your passion turned into a profession which you will enjoy. Also, if you are looking for being a professional certified exercise specialist, you must get this course done as it will widen your horizons in getting a job of high standards in health profession.