The man who successfully named himself a brand in fitness industry: Madhukar Talwalkar

Blog by: Pratibha Purohit


Fitness is not just physical; it is also about the mind”, says the master of his field Mr. Madhukar Talwalkar who is all set to enter 85th year of his life,  this month on November 28. The man has lived for over eight decades and hardly believe that his age will hinder him in doing his work .In this article we will come to know about the former director of leading fitness centre “Talwalkar” and the things which motivated him to become successful in his life.

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When fitness became “priority”

Madhukar at his early age was unknown to the fact that physical culture traits were in his genes which he inherited from his father, Vishnu Ramakrishna Talwalkar who was a well-known wrestler of his time. He was the only one who came up with the idea of opening the first gym in Mumbai in the year 1932.

Madhukar was very lean in his early 20’s and begun to suffer from inferiority complex. It was the time when he decided to accompany his father to buildup the family business and to carve himself.

Qualifications and achievements

Mr. Madhukar was a bright student since childhood and hence after schooling, he opted textile engineering from Veer Jijamata Technical Institute, Mumbai. By the time, he shaped himself as a handsome guy and hence took part in Mr. Bombay Competition, 1959 and no doubt stood 2nd. This victory came as a turning point in his life and he decided to leave his job and started planning to set up his first gym which was later opened at Linking Road in 1962. He currently serves as the President of Maharashtra State Body Builders Federation.

Sacrifices and outcomes

Truly said, “You can never achieve something without losing anything”. He used to say, since we started our first gym, we have involved ourselves in this business completely. Further he says, “I eat five to six times in a day but each intake is less in quantity. I don’t have any addictions. I don’t consume liquor, I don’t smoke and I have never had tea or coffee in my entire life. I have a gym in my house where I exercise regularly and religiously. For me, exercise is just like performing pooja”.These sacrifices of him can be easily seen on his personality as well as his tremendously growing company.

His pride “Talwalkars

It is his hard work and dedication towards his work that today “Talwalkars” is growing rapidly with branches over 50 cities having more than 1,00,000 members. Today “Talwalkars has India’s greatest chain for health and fitness centre including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc.

Current status

After leading the business for almost five decades, Madhukar Talwalkar resigned from the post of Executive Chairmen of Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd in 2014.He assures that he will still remain in Board of directors and will continue guiding the entire team.

We all pray that he live long and that too in pink of his health..!

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