The kit list every personal trainers needs


Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

Regardless of your specialty, there are some items that you simply can’t ignore. All these should fit in the boot of your car and can be incorporated in any workout.

Start with the basics – these items are crucial for any personal trainer.

Stopwatch – Don’t forget your stopwatch. Sure, your phone may be able to record time but having a reliable stopwatch is a lot more convenient and means you don’t have to be messing around on your phone during a workout. Being able to record and track the progress on certain exercises will mean it’s clear to see how someone is improving over time. Simply showing this improvement to a client can be all the motivation they need to sign up for more sessions.
Resistance Bands – Very versatile and useful in so many exercises. Helpful for beginners through to professional athletes. They come in varying resistance so be sure to get a nice selection to use with your clients. Resistance bands can be incorporated in a lot of exercises and help add more alternative options to regular workouts meaning this is a useful tool in the kit bag! The bigger and stronger your clients are, the thicker bands you need. They can also be used to assist in certain exercises. Wrapping the band around the pull-up bar and resting your knees on the band will help you do pull-ups. This is great for beginners to assist with these kind of exercises.

Foam Roller – These are becoming a must in any personal trainer’s kit bag. These foam rollers help towards improving a client’s mobility. With better flexibility, your clients will notice major improvements in their squats, deadliest, pushups, etc. They can also be perfect to help offer a little massage at the end of a workout. Why not get a little more business savvy and include an optional 10 minute massage session at the end of client workouts for an extra 10%? An easy upsell and something that clients would more than likely sign-up for. If your foam roller costs you £10-20 and can make you an extra 10% on each session, that’s quite simply a very wise investment.

Exercise Mat – Exercise mats aren’t just for yoga teachers, they are another vital piece of fitness equipment for any personal trainer. It can be particularly useful if you’re thinking of taking sessions outside or if you want to focus on stretching. Exercise mats can also be great if you are doing a group class and what to give every participant enough space.

Skipping Rope – If you want to inject some intense cardio into a workout then skipping is your answer. The fact boxers incorporate skipping so much into their workouts demonstrates the effectiveness of this activity. Often ignored, the skipping/jump ropes should always be in that gym bag. Below is a video of 50 variations you can do with a skipping rope.
Balance Board – These balance balls/boards are very versatile and can be very beneficial for beginner clients. As your body tries to stabilize while doing an exercise, it forces the core to work extra hard. If getting a six pack is on your client’s wish list then think about adding one of these to your kit list!
Medicine Ball – Look out for double grip medicine balls as these are even more versatile. Medicine balls can be incorporated into many exercises for all levels. The ‘squat and throw’ exercise really does offer a complete full body workout, perfect for anyone wanting a quick session! Incorporating a medicine ball can be great for training athletes as well due to requiring ball handling skills. Spending an hour throwing a medicine ball around will suddenly make throwing around a rugby ball a lot easier! Every trainer we spoke to who helps coach sports team put medicine balls close to the top of their list!

Suspension Trainer – Using body-weight exercises to get clients fit and healthy is a great practice for any personal trainer. Suspension trainers have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason to. These are extremely mobile friendly and you can easily incorporate them into many different workouts. They force you to push against your own body weight so one set is appropriate for all clients, regardless of their strength or experience. This means they are a great piece of gym equipment to add to our ever growing kit list.

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