blog by-Pooja Seth

she is one of the most gracious and charming woman.She is extremely fit and very inspiring woman.
She is a runner,yogini,cyclist,mountaineer and what not.She breaks all the stereotypes that are mend for a woman in india.
She practicses running for 20-40kms every week, and she does a combination of workouts such as planks,squats,yoga and cycling.
Her workout shedule is somewhat like this-
Monday: Rest Day – Stretching and Yoga – for one hour

Tuesday: 3 km warm-up. 5 km fast tempo. 2 km cool down. Stretching

Wednesday: 6 km easy run and core exercises

Thursday: 3km warm-up. Fartlek – 1 min fast. 1 min slow * 12. 3 km cool down.

Friday: Rest day. Rolling/stretching/Yoga

Saturday: Easy 4 km followed by strength training

Sunday: LSD – 15-18 km easy run


She drinks 2-3 glasses of water two hours before the half marathon. Also she eats a banana and drinks lots of water as it is important to replenish the electrolytes.She also prefers coconut water and at an egg white filled with vegetables.
She is also part of addidas runners group and has completed many marathons and motivated people to do so.
She is a certified trainer and also trains people .She has recently turned 40 and is giving major fitness goals to everyone.
She motivates people through her instagram accounts and is a delite to watch and learn.