The catastrophe of skipping meals


Blog By: Sonali Shukla

Though there are much people joining this squad now, it has never been good to skip your meals as an excuse for being occupied or cutting low on the fat. It is important to eat in appropriate amounts but never good to skip the food required. Food after water is the cornerstone for leading a healthy life. Find out below, why skipping your meal has always been a bad idea.

  • Brain turning into a mush:
    Your brain is the most complicated yet the most simplest organ of your body. As much as it is difficult to understand it’s functioning, its requirements to function are pretty obvious. The primary fuel it runs on is glucose. So when you skip meals, you let your brain compromise on blood sugar, which in turn results into low thinking capacity, low focus and inability to concentrate.


  • Leads to overeating and gorging on junk:
    Not giving proper food to your body only makes it want more. So the more you skip meals, the more will your body compensate it with unrequired junk. Studies show, that giving your body proper nutrients lets you ward off the cravings for junk.


  • When you start looking lethargic and tired:
    Without providing the necessary food to your body, you deprive it of the nutrients and proteins needed to make your hair look shiny and your skin radiant. So, the world knows you’re on a dangerous diet.


  • Losing weight in an unhealthy way:
    It doesn’t take a genius to understand that not providing the essentials to the body; you will start losing weight which will make you unhealthy and sick. Heads up: you’re at an increased risk of certain diseases.


  • Lost routine, lost workouts:
    So while, skipping meals may bring amusement by resulting into instant weight loss, it’s after affect leads you to give up on your exercise and routine healthy activities, ultimately. Running low on blood sugar can lead you to fatigue and lethargy, making it difficult for you to be active and energised.


So think it over, give your body its essentials and refrain from skipping meals.

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