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Yashovardhan Kanodia is a banker and currently working at ICICI Bank for the last two years. He has been a sportsman all his life, having played cricket, football, rugby, hockey and athletics in school.
His first step towards fitness was after completing MBA and coming back to Kolkata. The MBA pressure (pressure to party) had ensured packing of a few extra pounds. For the sake of his first love i.e. cricket, he wanted to lose weight and get fitter for the upcoming season. He joined a gym and the very first thing he incorporated in his regimen was running. A first run of 2 km was completed in around 13 minutes.
“Honestly I wasn’t maintaining a strictly active lifestyle. I was captaining my university cricket team but wasn’t paying any attention to the food I was eating or the liquid I wasdrinking”.
His first long run was Airtel Run For Education, 2016, Kolkata, 10 kms in 56 minutes. “Can’t describe you the feeling in words,” beams Yashovardhan.
Post run he went and played a 20-20 cricket match and then his legs gave way. “Being a novice runner I really didn’t know how important were cool down exercises,” he admits sheepishly.
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Despite being a corporate banker and working for 12 hours a day, he wakes up early especially during winter as his cricket and running training overlap. He runs and then goes for his cricket practice. If somehow there isn’t time to run in the morning, he makes sure that he runs after 8pm post his work. “It’s not really tough. It’s just the right mindset.”
“I don’t eat anything that is fried and avoid fast food as much as possible. Have reduced drinking to almost zero. Basically I try avoiding unwanted calories. Most of the runs except during winter I run bare-chested which means I need to get rid of my tummy,” he says flashing his trademark wide grin.
Well every marathon finished is an achievement altogether but he has three podium finishes to his credit. They are-
1. Winner- Hua Hin Marathon – 32 kms in 3:02 hours
2. Third- Far East Ultrathon- 25 kms in 2:20 hours
3. BRC- 10 kms in 47:50 mins
In the future there is just running and cricket for him. “I plan to do a 50 km ultra-run next year and maybe a triathlon in the upcoming years. Details of these I will share once I complete them.”
His inspiration and motivation has been his mother who was a natural athlete during her days. She has always been supportive of every decision on and off the field. Roger Federer, Sir Alex Ferguson and Zlatan Ibramovich are his sporting idols.
“Do what you want and what your body supports. That’s what I do. The competition is not against others but against yourself. Usually people won’t support or will have negative reviews about your thing. Just remember Jesus had 12 followers while Hitler had over a million and we all know how it paved through.”
His final quote- “GMNB!”
This is an acronym forGood Marathoners Need Backing” and he is always ready to back and support novices like me and innumerable people.
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