Ten Good reasons for practising Yoga in later life


Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.


1) Yoga postures (asanas) improve strength and flexibility in joints and muscles and increases the range of movement. This reduces the likelihood of developing degenerative diseases such as arthritis and chronic pain as we age.
2) Yoga improves our sense of balance, body awareness and concentration, thereby reducing the risk of falls and fractures in seniors.
3) Yoga asanas increase bone density and strengthen bones, decreasing the risk of bone degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, (the reduction in bone density and weakening of bones as we age) another common cause of fractures in elderly people.
4) Yoga asanas correct bad posture. Good posture improves spinal health, reducing the risk of backpain, sciatica and herniated disc (slipped disc) It also allows the lungs space to function fully.
5) Yoga asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) work in tandem to increase lung capacity. By developing better lung function regular Yoga practise sends more oxygen in the blood, which leads to improved functioning of all the systems of the body.

6) Yoga practises improve the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system.

7) Yoga asanas and pranayamas work together to stimulate the nervous system and the brain, thus sharpening the memory and powers of concentration, improving the mood and relieving anxiety .

8) Yoga asanas work on the digestive organs and endocrine glands to improve the digestion and bowel function. Improving the quality of the food we eat, and increasing the efficiency of the digestive system can reduce the desire to overeat unhealthy foods..

9) Yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation have been shown to reduce levels of stress, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, therefore reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

10) Yoga leads to a positive and contented state of mind through the regular practise of asanas, pranayamas and relaxation. A relaxed mind and pain free body improves the quality of sleep and sleep habits.

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