Rise beyond reach : TYKA

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

TYKA is a sportswear and games hardware mark presented by TK Sports Private Limited in 2009, Jalandhar, India. Essentially being the pack accomplice for different cricket groups over the world, TYKA is currently connected with different soccer groups.

Their visionary pioneer, Mr.Rajan Kohli (MD, TK Sports Private Limited) had energy for games and soul of a business person. For quite a long time TK sports had created Hockey/Cricket rigging and it was in 2009 when TYKA attire wer began in a little live with 4 machines and a mission. In spite of the fact that our start was little our goals were most certainly not. We sought to wind up the best arrangements supplier for competitors who needed to look great and perform better, for them to perform better we expected to put our best amusement forward, and that is the thing that we did. Much the same as a Cricket Test coordinate we began building a solid establishment by concentrating just and just on shopper fulfillment and quality. We continued leaving the conveyances outside the quality stump with persistence and it paid off as the presumed National Indian Hockey – Men and ladies – senior and junior groups wound up one of our first customers took after by UP Cricket Association and Cricket Association of Bengal for the Ranji Trophy and Indian Shooting Team. By 2012, we were very much settled on the wrinkle and our execution was influencing the best shots of the Indian and Global donning club to observe us. This was the point at which one of the establishments of the Indian Premier League, Kings XI turn into our customers as well as so inspired were they with our quality they advanced us too. What started as a Test coordinate for us has today turned into a high octane T-20 Journey and we are not the only one in it. We feel pleased today to have served more than 2500 or more groups/clubs over the globe.

TYKA was established on the accompanying center qualities: Innovation, Inspiration, Reliability and Integrity.

Their main goal is to persistently push past all breaking points known in the improvement and plan of execution clothing to influence our competitors to look great and perform better on and off the fields. TYKA genuinely trusts that genuine change and advancement in execution outfit never originates from known however from outside the limits of what as of now exists. Makers can’t be adherents. TYKA is a state of mind shared by each genuine competitor who considers their own best not as a benchmark but rather as an ever-new beginning stage for what’s vastly and excitingly conceivable when you set out to advance outside the breaking points of the known.

Rajinder Singh Rahelu: The Powerful


Blog by: Raj Kishan

Stephen Covey, American keynote speaker, said, “ Just as we develop our physical muscle through overcoming opposition- such as lifting weights- we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” If you have to excel, you have to overcome your trails. This goes for everything, be it for the physical growth or the mental excellence. You just have to lift yourself up!

Speaking of lifting, our hero, Rajinder Singh Rahelu, Indian Paralympics powerlifter, illustrates what Stephen Covey means. Rajinder Singh Rahelu is an example of iron will.

Born in a small Mehsampur village, Jalandhar district, Punjab, Rajinder Singh Rahelu, had a difficult childhood. Being youngest of the five siblings, in a poor family, has its costs, but to top that, he contracted with polio when he was just 8 months old. He suffers with infantile paralysis. For most of us, this would be a huge set-back as the feeling of being disabled and handicapped severely attacks our mindset and starts dictating our actions. But not in the case of Rahelu.

His family was unable to afford a wheelchair, most of the times, Rajinder use to crawl using his hands wherever he had to go other times his father or brother would carry him on their shoulders. Can you imagine? A person who was carried went on to lift tens of weight!

Having been introduced to powerlifting by a fellow friend, Rahelu caught on to the sport real quick.
“My friend Surinder Singh Rana is a power lifter. One day without letting me know he made me lift 70kgs. And then he said that if I can lift 70kgs on the first day then with a little bit of hard work I am capable of qualifying for the Punjab games.” he says. Started from the bottom, and went on to lift 180kgs to secure silver medal in Men’s Para power lifting at Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

He has long list of achievements .Rajinder won his first title in 1997 at Punjab Open Meet, then went on to win National powerlifting Championship in Hyderabad, in the year 1998. It was just the start, in 2004 at Summer Paralympics in Athens he went on to win a bronze medal, where he competed in the 56 kg category, thereby, becoming the first Indian ever to claim a Paralympic medal in his sport. For his feat, in 2006, he was honoured with the Arjuna Award, one of India’s highest sport awards. He won Silver medal in CWG in Glasgow in 2014. Other feats include; representing India at Paralympics 2004, 2008 and 2012, representing India at Commonwealth Games 2006, 2010 and 2014 and he has been Strongman of India 7 times.

Now 44, married to Jaswinder Kaur and blessed with a daughter, the champion powerlifter Rahelu, is now inspiring and coaching specially-abled powerlifters in Punjab. The man’s story is an inspiration to each and every youngster. He is the personification of mental and physical strength.

We should learn from him, don’t let your trails blow you down, let them lift you up!