Kickboxing – fitness course

Blog By – Dr Rohit – BFY Faculty

Kickboxing Fitness combines and modifies martial arts and boxing techniques and movements into a sound workout. There are many aspects of health and fitness that can potentially be improved through this method of training. Cardiovascular endurance & strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility can be improved, depending on the training stimulus utilized. Muscular strength and power can also be enhanced by including training activities and/or methods that specifically promote improvement in those particular fitness components. As skill and fitness levels improve, the physical stress placed on the body can be gradually and progressively increased to establish an environment of continuous improvement.

Kickboxing Fitness trainer course is primarily focused on providing safe and effective exercise activities for participants. It is a fitness certification program that utilizes techniques, movements and combinations of movements from boxing, karate, kickboxing, and self-defence training.

Safety and effectiveness are two important considerations when teaching or leading fitness classes utilizing martial art /boxing movements and techniques.

Kickboxing is typically a competitive (combat) contact sports requiring quick, powerful ,and explosive movements intended to contact an opponents body. But here kickboxing fitness is an activity intended to enhance an individuals health status and conditioning levels and also promotes physical ,emotional, mental well being.

Program Development 

There are different ways to structure or develop kickboxing fitness certification classes. The potential options for program structure and class formats could include any of the following :

Program Structure – Skill/Conditioning Breakdown.

Orientation Classes – To market effectively, advertised as a teaching class, not a workout. This is also an opportune time for beginning instructors to hone their knowledge and skills. Recommend 30 minute duration. Class length and class description should alleviate possible intimidation of potentially new, deconditioned members.

Beginner –for novice low intensity level ,single movements gradually grouped into single movement combination,class duration should be of 30-45 min .

Intermediate—it is actually a phase of skill and conditioningintensities of movements are slightly higher and new pattern ,techniques ,drills,are  introduced.recommended duration is 45-60 min.

Advancedintensities of techniques and drills ,combination are further increased.recommended 60-75 min.

Benefits of kickboxing

Physical benefits

Cardio vascular conditioning : It can be achived by the repetitive  performance of physical movements .Aerobic and anaerobic workouts can be performed in different training formats including circuit,interval or group training.

An aerobic workout utilizes large muscles groups in rhythmic, continous movements in order to elevate the heart rate(50-85%) for specified period of time.

An anaerobic workout is performed in an interval workout format, with work /rest periods determined by fitness levels of the participants and specific program goals. The main energy system used are phosphogen system and anaerobic glycol sis.

Muscular conditioning

Kickboxing technique movement pattern can be considered more functional than other traditional exercise .muscle endurance improves, as there are repetitive movements .if muscular strength and power is a goal ,specific strength training activities must be incorporated into the class format like plyometrics and other calisthenics exercises(punching bag and medicine ball).


The variety of movements, which occurs at many joints together at different joint angles, which places dynamic and ballistic stretches on muscles and connectives tissues through full range of motion.

Physical coordination

Improved physical co-ordination is a direct result of learning the specific movements and combination of movements associated with kickboxing fitness workout .It also improve hand to eye and hand to leg co-ordination.

Psychological benefits

Emotional benefits

A person can develop confidence and discipline by starting ,maintaining and experiencing the physical results of an exercise also increase self reliance and and self esteem.

Stress relief

As you use puncing and kicking in a contructive manner not in rage or anger it also induces relaxtion and mental and physical level ,therby relieving stress.


Some extra benefits are

1.Can be used as a new method of cross training.

2.Development of awareness of physical capabilities  (reactivity,agility,quikness,speed).

3.Can be used as a base of self defense .

Starting position / Stance

Starting position should always be safe and stable ,it must provide the greatest possible balance point from which kickboxing movements can begin.There are two main starting positions :



It provides good lateral balance but minimal front to back balance.

It places high torque and shear stresses to be placed on lower spine ,hip,knee,and ankle joint specially while performing cross punches.


It provide a good combination of lateral and front to back balance which is easy to maintain because feet are never positioned in one line .It gives real competitive look for to the participant which is good for the psychology of workout as it increase confidence and also increase spatial orientation and awareness.


It is one of the most important movements , relative to safety and effectiveness, in a kickboxing workout. Pivoting is performed by with body weight distributed as evenly as possible on both feet and forward on the balls of both feet.



This movement is similar to lunge  and starts from the fighter’s stance .It can be done stationary or with a slight step forward by the leading leg, as it is executed  by flexing both knees in order to lower the upper body.


This movement is a bit more difficult to perform safely than BOB,as it involves greater rotation at the hips /shoulder as well as some necessary pivoting of the feet. Visualize the head drawing the letter U in the air. Maintaining the spinal column in neutral alignment throughout the movement.

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Sangeeta Shetty:”The power couple”

Blog  By-Pooja Seth

“The struggle you are living today is developing the strength you will need tomorrow.”!
The world is filled with people who live their lives in an extraordinary manner.Such is the story of this iron-willed woman.
Her name is Sangeeta Shetty and is called the ultra runner couple along with her husband Sunil Shetty.She has been training with him for almost a decade now.She has always been a fit girl and used to play basketball in college team and also played badminton and table tennis.Running came into her life when was impressed by her husband’s dedication towards his weight loss goal.
She recalls the memory from her first half marathon when all she started runing was because of her husband ,she also wanted to be in shape like him,
The experience of her first marathon left her hungry for more and she continued to run after this.Th the next big step was the decision of running the 75km segment of the 2012 Banglore ultra marathon.The couple slowly increased their mileage and kept a journal inorder to improve their run and move further.In the begning of the run she also faced a knee injury which left a bruise on her knee but the bruise could not deter her will and could not stop her from running the race for which she had prepared for months in advance.
She was helped by her husband Sunil who took all the efforts of filling flasks of coffee and bringing them out to her.The partnership she shared with her husband has helped her ride through the good and the bad times.
Running has given Sangeeta a new life and transformed her in every way.She has developed a new social circle and is surrounded by so many poeple who love to run.Their children have also started following their footsteps and participate in marathons just like them.
They also get called to schools as chief guests ad it fills them with immense joy to see little children perfom so well in sports.She has been felicitated by many awards .
The pillar of strength for her has always been her husband and they show what true love is.They have successfully earned the title of becoming the only couple in the world to complete the run 48hrs.Sangeeta is now an avid runner and also the brand ambassador for Fast&Up.
She has advise to all the runners to start small and steadily add to their distance to enchance their running capabilties.She strongly believes in the saying that says “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing he strength and beauty which her body is capable off”.
She has set an example for everyone that it is never to late to start anything and if you really wish to do anything, no factor can come your way.
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