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Prashant Sawant is a well-versed name in the fitness and training sector. But no one expected Prashant to do well in life, leave alone make a name for himself. Growing up in a 10 ft-by-10 ft room in a Dahisar chawl along with nine others in his joint family, career planning or guidance were concepts alien to Prashant and his two brothers. Since childhood, he was considered as an ‘average’ student by family and tutors. His father worked in a small, machine parts workshop and expected his sons to do the same. Little did he know that Prashant was soon to change the traditional norms.

After his standard 10, Prashant was enrolled in a nearby Goregaon college but soon dropped out. His father then enrolled him in Industrial Institute Training(ITI) in Borivali. Incidentally, Prashant passed with distinction in the course and attributed the discipline in his life to the course. It was during this phase that Prashant got affined towards physical fitness and joined a local Gymnasium.

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What started as an experience became his passion. Due to good physique, he was offered a part-time job as a fitness trainer in another gym, though on a meager salary. Prashant decided to take the risk and against the objection of his father, he took the job. Prashant reasoned that he would change his occupation later if he was not paid well.

Due to the posh locality of the gym, Prashant got acquainted with several A-listers of Image result for prashant sawantshowbiz. The exposure that he got in the Bandra gym convinced him about the prospects in the field of fitness and to master the skills in the field he did a three-month course in fitness from the LM Fitness Academy in Bandra. He started to train a handful of celebrities and soon he met his most high profiled trainee- Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan would take Prashant to his film shoots as a personal trainer. Prashant himself was very instrumental in helping Shah Rukh Khan achieve his toned physique for Om Shanti Om.


Prashant maintains a very strict diet for himself. He believes until a person is disciplined with his diet, maintaining a fit body is tough. Prashant starts his day at 7:30 am with black coffee followed by a protein shake. After that, he goes to his regular training sessions in his gym. His breakfast usually consists of omelette made of egg white and a slice of brown bread. Other than that, he sometimes has an egg and oats pancake without any sugar. Breakfast is followed by another cup of black coffee, which is also his favourite beverage.

Lunch is usually followed at 2 pm and depending on the day, either of vegetarian or nonvegetarian is cooked. It would usually consist of veg or cottage cheese sandwich and on other days it would be a chicken sandwich with brown bread. Prashant who works out in the evening as well consumes boiled sweet potato and protein shake as a snack.

Lastly, he eats his dinner by 9:30 pm. Dinner usually consists of cottage cheese salad. On the days when he eats non-veg, his dinner usually consists of grilled chicken or chicken sandwich. After dinner, he forbids his indulgence in other activities and prefers a good night’s sleep as he believes sleep is as much important as physical training.

Prashant Sawant has shown that with proper dedication, one can achieve immeasurable heights in their field of work. Nobody expected Prashant to do well in life, but here he is, trading his skills among the most celebrated personalities. When asked what does it takes to succeed as a trainer Prashant said “ Patience, talent and hard work”.

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