BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

pooja khanna is Indian athletes of archery  at the age of 25 suffered from the polio as a child . she is elder children in the family. ndian archer Pooja Khanna lost in the first round of the women’s individual recurve category at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. Pooja lost 2-6 to Poland’s Milena Olszewska. Pooja lost the first two series 22-25 and 21-23 respectively. The Indian archer Pooja Khanna could not produce a magical performance and had to contend with a 29th placed finishIndia’s only representative in archery at the Rio Paralympic Games in Brazil, Pooja Khanna, finished the ranking round at the 29th spot with a total of 513 points at the Sambodromo in Rio De Janeiro. The performance in the ranking round puts the Indian in contention to face the 4th placed Poland’s Milena Olszewska in the round of 32 match at the Games.The event consisted of 32 athletes in all who were supposed to shoot a total of 72 arrows, which were divided into groups of six, and the rankings were decided after the end of the round. The archer with the maximum number of points after the completion of the event was ranked number one and so forth.Hence, the top-ranked player will now face the 32nd ranked, the 2nd ranked will be facing the 31st ranked and henceforth. The ranking round is followed by the round-of-32 after which the pre-quarterfinals, quarterfinals, semifinals and the final will be taking placeAll the archers have now progressed to the Round of 32 of the archery event.

Pooja Khanna started the event with a total of 47 points from her first six arrows as she scored 9,8,8,8,7 and 7. The archer saw herself sit at the 18th spot after the completion of the first sets of six arrows. The Indian improved on her performance in her second set of six arrows as she added another 50 points to her score to climb up to the 13th spot after getting scores of 10, 9, 8, 8, 8 and 7 points.Pooja’s third series of six arrows saw her accumulate a very poor 43 points which saw her drop to the 17th spot on the table as she had a tally of 140 points in all. The archer scored 9, 8, 8, 7, 6 and 5 points from the third series, it meant that with nine rounds to go, Khanna needed to step up her game in order to finish as one of the best few archers at the competition.

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