Four Reasons to trust BFY for your fitness course

Blog by : Anushka Jain

Four Reasons to trust BFY for your fitness course:


In today’s world, nobody trusts anybody without any reason. So, it is clear to us how our consumers would not trust us unless we provide them with a few reasons to do so. We understand that our consumers would choose us only if we give them a little more than their expectations. So, following are our reasons to explain why you should trust BFY for your fitness course:

  1. Choose your own course: BFY provides you with numerous options for your courses in fitness, diet or sports.
    How would that help you?
    You can actually read about all the courses on our website, discuss your preferences with experts and choose the right one for yourself. Having so many options tell you what you already didn’t know, therefore expanding your knowledge, and giving you a chance to explore a new side of yourself too. Suppose, you were looking for courses to become a gym trainer but you read how beneficial it is to become a personal trainer while exploring the courses. You would have one more choice, leading you to think everything through before you make a decision.


  1. Best training faculty: At BFY, we provide you with the best faculty. They are certified, experienced and experts in their fields. A lot of them are award-winning experts, still wanting to work in BFY because of the quality we provide here. There are physiologists, fitness experts, physical therapists, dieticians etc. working with us. There is more information available about each faculty on our website.



  1. Our Aim: BFY is concerned about the lack of awareness in fitness, sports & diet in our country. Therefore, it was founded with the aim to promote and develop the sports, health and fitness education in India. It trains people in a way that they can add value to the fitness industry of our country. We have 19 centres around India, all working together to make our country healthy & fit.


  1. BFY App: Apart from all this, BFY app also provides a lot of services to its users including:
  • Exclusive discounts on workshops, seminars and courses
  • 24/7 customer support
  • User friendly interface
  • Monthly fitness quiz with cash prizes
  • Sample test papers for students
  • In app video/digital/audio tutorials
  • Fitness widgets (BMI, Calorie intake adviser, ideal weight etc.)
  • Instant BFY updates through push notifications


With numerous courses, best facilities, quality teaching, proper guidance & counselling, BFY has become India’s premiere health and fitness training and education organisation. We promise to provide you a successful life in the fitness industry. Join us today.

BFY student : Dinesh Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

In this era of rat race there are a very few people who opt for a career they love and not because of any pressure of others. Mr. Dinesh Kumar is one of those people who chose his interest as his career . He had always been a sportsman in school and loved to stay fit and that is why he chose fitness as his career option. He says that he likes his profession as a sportsman and says that it had always been his passion to pursue his career in this field only. He came to know about BFY sports and fitness through online advertising and choose BFY sports because it very popular for its services and certifications. He had a great experience and was very impressed with the kind of services they provide there! He said that there was very well training and very well practicals and he said that the trainers were very experienced and dedicated. According to him not all trainers are dedicated towards teaching but here he had a great time.
Right now he is working as a freelance personal trainer and trains different people. He says that he loves his job and he loves to train . His earnings vary depending on the work as he is a freelancer and generally his earnings fall between 40 – 65 thousand rupees per month. He is satisfied with what he earns. He is very happy and says that his earnings increased very much after doing his certification from BFY sports and fitness.
When asked about his future plans he said that currently he is not planning for any other business because at this point of time has a a lot of work in his hands. He says that he has done a lot of commitments in life and is first working to make them happen and wants to complete them before taking any other work. He says that he has a tight schedule and does nt have any spare time for other things. He wants to do more certifications and gain more experience so that he could be a good trainer and so that in turn he could earn good amount of money! According to him, more the person in trained and experienced the more he can earn and prosper.
He wants to advice the young and new aspirants entering this fitness industry is that they should have thorough and practical knowledge. They should know how to deal with clients and t give them the best advice.


BLOG BY-Pooja Seth

She has broken all the stereotypes which every girl is supposed to follow!From covering her body with tattoos and building a muscular frame.Bani J is a star.Her journey from a lean and a slim girl to a bold and a superfit muscular woman is remarkable and is no cake walk.
Bani J’s workout is the key to her fitness and body to die for. She is never hesitant to lift weights which is considered a taboo in our society.She is very strict with her diet and not at all a perky eater.She does a variety of gym training and has 6 major things for her meals.For greens in her diet, she relies on broccoli, beans, zucchini, and asparagus. The main sources of carbohydrates in her diet remain sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats and for proteins, she relies on eggs, chicken and fish.
What may seem like a dream body is a result of a very strict and dedicated lifestyle,she is very regular with her workout and has made her name in the world for her fit frame.She has become a diva for every girl who is put down for society.
Some of the important tips that she shares are:
1.Water: She feels that being hydrated is very important.
2.Caffeine:She drinks 2 cups of coffee every day.according to her it helps boost metabolism.
3.Oats: She loves oats and believe that they are very important for weight control.
4.Protein:. She prefers taking a protein rich diet and for that consumes fish, chicken, and eggs. For vegetarians, she suggests tofu and paneer as the best sources of protein.
5.Carbohydrates: Bani J does not believe in going on no carb diet for a fitter body. Instead, she states that carbs are essential for a fit body and she cannot imagine her diet without a daily dose of carbs in the form of sweet potato, brown rice, and oats.

All these are very essential for a fit body and bani j is an example for everyone that if you put your heart and mind into something,no one can stop you achieve that.
She has worked very hard and made fitness as a part of life.We commend her for her sheer hard work and can only say that ;you go girl !

Bipasha Basu

“Love yourself”-Bipasha Basu.

Blog by-Pooja Seth

When there is a talk of bollywood and fitness ,her name is the top most name on the list.She has achieved so much by putting her heart and soul in working for her body.People all around the world know her equally for her fitness and her acting.

Bipasha Basu is a former model and one of the most fitness enthusiast among the lot.She has always laid stress on having a fit and toned body. She is known for her sheer dedication and discipline and always takes her trainer with her even when out on a shoot.She has done remarkable in the field of fitness and has launched many workout dvds.
Fitness has always played an important role in her life.She follows a very strict diet shedule and believes in having a balanced diet.
Her diet includes

Early morning: Drinks a glass of water with lime, followed by having some almonds soaked overnight, and then a cup of tea.
Breakfast: She likes to have a big breakfast comprising six egg whites, toast, mushroom, porridge made from skimmed milk, and a fair amount of fruits.
Lunch: Her lunch is dal, green salad, vegetables, grilled fish or chicken, and two soy chapattis.
Dinner: Vegetables prepared in olive oil, green salad, grilled fish or chicken, and a small amount of dessert to satisfy her sweet tooth.
She likes to bring variety to her regime and does not like it to be a monotous one.She is also very fond of Yoga and does 108 of Surya Namaskar every day. Her regular workout program lasts for 2 hours, and it includes a combination of cardio and Yoga.
she tries to mix up a lot of modern exercise techniques and devise a workout regime that is geared towards her goal.
She is an ardent follower of discipline and believes it is the key factor in achieving anything,even when she is out for shoots,she never gives excuses.


Benefits of Fruits in our diet

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

The human body is an intricate system and hundreds of complex reactions take place in it all the time. For smooth functioning of the body, you need an ample amount of nutrients that are supplied by fruits in a natural way. When you become ill or develop any health disorders, these can be avoided or treated with a healthy diet rich in fruits. With a busy lifestyle, our eating habits have become packed with preservatives and processed foods that are not only devoid of essential nutrients but can also cause some harm to the body. Fruits boost your immune system and keep you in perfect health.

Instant Energy Supplier: When you eat fruits, your supply of energy increases in no time; this is one of the prime benefits of fruits that we can utilize in our busy schedules. This is the reason why athletes often eat fruit during and after exercising and why diets for pregnant mothers almost always involve fruits of some kind.

Prevention is Better Than Treating – Nowadays, drug stores have many types of multivitamin tablets that can give supplemental nutrition during critical times. However, it is always advisable to eat the vitamins of fruits in their natural form so that all of the benefits are conferred to you. As is always said, the benefits of fruits can never be outmatched or replaced. Over a 10-20 year time frame, eating fruits regularly can completely change your life and makes a great deal of difference to the health and functioning of your body.

Keeps You Disease Free – The combination of powerful flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and the countless micro- and macronutrients make fruits very advantageous for your health. The daily consumption of fresh fruits lowers the risk of strokes, high blood pressure, indigestion, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Fruits keep your skin supple, hydrated and nourish it with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thereby retaining your radiant skin for a long period of time. In fact, if you are tired of using the commercial anti-pimple creams, just try including fruits like berries, apples, or bananas into your daily diet and see the acne disappear quite quickly. Fruits even ensure healthy hair growth and keep your locks lustrous and soft. Some fruits like bananas contain vital chemicals such as potassium, which helps to prevent strokes, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Fruit consumption basically eliminates vitamin and mineral deficiencies and their associated symptoms. Fruits also have high quantities of water and fiber in them, which helps to keep your digestive tract clean and your weight under control.

Steps to become Male fitness trainer

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Male Fitness Model Tip #1 – Be willing to sacrifice Strength for Looks
Nobody makes a New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds off of their bench press over the next year. But when you’re main focus is to get cut, sometimes you’ll lose a little bit of strength in the process. This being said, do what it takes to achieve your overall goal by putting in extra cardio and eating clean – rather than eating to add bulk. Also, forget about impressing other guys in the gym by lifting heavy when you may need to scale back some instead.

Male Fitness Model Tip #2 – Up your Anaerobic Threshold
At the risk of sounding overly-obvious, I’d like to say that you need to increase your current level of cardio in order to achieve a fitness model physique. However, you don’t just wake up one morning and decide that you’re going to go from walking 1 mile daily to running 5 miles a day; instead, you need to steadily increase your anaerobic threshold (AT). Expanding on anaerobic threshold, this refers to your body’s ability to remove lactic acid. Simply put, a higher AT level enables you to work out harder, longer, and recover quicker the next day. Interval training on the treadmill or at an outdoor track is a great way to increase your AT, while there are various other forms of hard exercise that can do the job too.

Male Fitness Model Tip #3 – Strongly consider doing Pilates
The mere mention of this tip might have you rolling your eyes while thinking about the middle-aged, minivan-driving moms who huddle up in posh gyms for Pilates class. Moving past the wimpy stereotype, Pilates is actually a pretty solid workout routine that builds lean muscle, flexibility, and endurance throughout the body. In addition to the obvious physical benefits that Pilates offers, it also relieves stress and helps increase agility. So if you’re truly looking for a new type of exercise that challenges you in unique ways, check out a class sometime. You might even meet some non-middle-aged, mini-driving chicks in the process!

Male Fitness Model Tip #4 – Gradually reduce your Caloric Intake
It goes without saying that a great way to shed a few pounds involves cutting your calories. But do keep in mind that drastically reducing your food intake is by no means a shortcut to getting shredded abs. Sure it might make sense mathematically that, by eating far fewer calories, you’ll lose far more weight. But your body’s metabolic process doesn’t work like a calculator. Instead, it will go into starvation mode when you cut up to 1,000 or more calories out of your daily eating schedule; when this happens, your body stores nearly everything that’s eaten in an effort to maintain homeostasis. Case in point, start with dropping 400-500 calories off your daily diet and go from there.

Male Fitness Model Tip #5: Drink Water….and then drink some more
Sometimes it amazes me how many athletes hit the gym regularly and constantly eat clean, yet forget one very important step in their routine: drinking water. First off, water helps you stay hydrated throughout the day, which, in turn, powers you through tough workouts. Secondly, water plays a huge role in metabolizing all of the protein you eat – or at least should be eating. So rather than opting for sugary juices or soda, be sure to keep water on hand at all times.