BFY student : Chhavi Malik

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Life is what you make of it, and Ms. Chhavi Malik proves to be following this mantra very well. Having a streak for fitness, this 50 year old lady is a runner. She runs in marathons and half marathons. She likes to be fit and was constantly doing gym. After having done hum for a long period of time she thought why not have a good knowledge about it too! “I thought first I should have knowledge and then train as not many good trainers are available in every gym, so I thought first to know myself and increase my knowledge first and then learn to train.” She came to know about BFY sports online through advertisements and did the BFY/PT certification from there.
Currently she is not working and just enjoying life on her own terms and frequently runs in half marathons. She said that she thought when her children would grow up she would have a backup. She thought of it a plan B for her interests in the future and keeps it for the later on. She said that she basically did the course for certification and may go for another one in the near future. ” I’m enjoying my life these days by running and staying fit because that’s what life is actually for!”
When asked about her future plans she said that for 2-3 years there won’t be any change in the schedule but later on she will pursue the BFY-ACE and will do other advanced courses so that down the lane she can open her own gym!
She says that people should always have a look up for how they want to lead their life and tend to stay fit because that’s what will help them in their long run of life. She advises that fitness is not a shortcut but it is a long process, it takes time and efforts. She feels that fitness is a way of lifestyle because a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier life. She says that one should eat healthy because fitness is not a short term goal, one should denote time to what the body of a person demands. For the newcomers she advices that it’s good to have knowledge of your own body, they should try to find what suits them the best because anyone and everyone has a different body and have different needs.