BFY student : Booshan

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Booshan, a student of BFY sports and fitness was very enthusiastic about sports and fitness from a very tender age. He had been an excellent athlete in school sports and continued the same in his graduation as well. Fitness has become a part of his routine and never skips even a day. He believes that fitness is not a choice but a part of lifestyle and the way one person lives and sustains his life. If a person who is fit, he can develop a happy life around him and he will enjoy what he does.
He joined BFY sports because it is the only institute that is running smoothly and has excellent reviews. BFY sports and fitness offers new courses to keep up with the coming competition. The training atmosphere is very good and the people are very helpful. He did the ACE / PT course from there and which proved to be very helpful in his development.
He is a freelancer and works as a freelance personal trainer. He is currently earning more than 40 thousand rupees per month and is very satisfied with the work he is doing. His wages increased after the certification from BFY sports. He is also a body builder and was able yo achieve this stage only by the help of BFY sports.
He dreams of opening his own gym and is saving money for that. He is very confident that he will be able to open his gym within a short span of time i.e. within a few months. He believes that work is worship and does all his chores following the same motto. He never stops training and learning because he feels that the more you learn , the better you become and once you learn something, it never goes into vain.
He wants the people who are new to this field or planning to enter this field that they should learn and train properly. He feels like the trainers are not good these days so that the new ones which are entering should do more and more courses and workshops. They should have more certifications which will prove to be very good for their future.

Anju Bobby George : An Inspiration

Blog by : Anuradha Guha


Anju Bobby George is an Indian Athlete. She specializes in Long Jump. 

Anju was born on 19th April, 1977 in a Syrian Orthodox Family in Kerala. Anju’s father was a sports enthusiast and he was quick to recognize the talent in his daughter. He was the one to initiate her into the world of sports. She completed her schooling in CKM Kothrude School and graduated from Vimala College. Her talent came to special notice in the national school games when she won third place in 100m hurdles and 4*100m relay. 

Anju started her career with Heptathlon, but she started focusing on her Long Jumps when she recognized her natural aptitude in that field. The turning point in Anju’s career came when she was married to her husband and coach, Robert Bobby George.  

In 1995, Anju set the national record for triple jump in the Bangalore Federation Cup. In 2001, she broke her own record of long jump in The National Circuit Meet in Thiruvananthapuram.  

Anju jumped to fame in 2003 when she won the bronze medal in Long Jump at the 2003  World Championships in Athletics in Paris, becoming the first Indian athlete to even win a bronze in World Championship in Athletics. Anju reached her personal best at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In 2005, she won Gold Medal both in the 16th Asiatic Athletic Championships and the IAAF World Athletics Final.  

Anju was awarded the coveted ‘Arjuna Award’ in 2002-2003. She also received the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ in 2003-2004 for her achievements in the World Championship in Athletics and the Padma Shri, India’s one of the highest civilian awards. 

Anju Bobby, though no longer a player, in an earlier interview, expressed her sadness that a good coaching and management system is absent in India to support young emerging Long Jump players reach their full potential.  

She still maintains a strict daily regime. She wakes up at 5.30 a.m. and goes to ground. Having been an athlete, this has been her routine for more than 20 years. She does a few different varities of cardio exercises. Her entire morning schedule in gym consists of about 2 hours. When she trains actively, she usually takes a health drink, but most of the times it is just plain water.  

Breakfast is an important meal for her. She recommends eating all types and kinds of food-in certified proportions. But she absolutely avoids any sort of junk food or food that contains oil or grease. Diet according to her consists of a meal containing huge quantities of fruits and vegetables. As an athlete, it is important to take care of her mental health as well as her physical health. In order to keep herself mentally fit and in a healthy conditions, she goes on walks, or talk to people.  

One of her deepest regrets is the lack of supportive management in India for players. She was quoted saying- “Athletics, as you all know, is the mother of all sports. We have to really work hard. There are a lot of things involved. We need real talent and real support and competitive management is where we are lacking.” 

She is an inspiration to many and one of the leading athletes of India. 

AKSHAY KUMAR-The fittest khiladi

blog by-Pooja Seth

Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly the khiladi when it comes to fitness . He was into fitness even before he joined bollywood.He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and has expertise in martial arts .He follows a very disciplined routine and never make excuses for the same .He is above 40 but can give run for money to any young actor when It comes to money. For Akshay health is the utmost priority and everybody is familiar to the expert he is in his fitness.
His fitness routine involves various varieties. He likes to include various types of sports such as basketball and outdoor activities such as trekking and even when he is on the shoot he somehow manages to find time and does workout .He is a fitness enthusiast and also combines yoga with his regime.His workout routine includes waking up at 4:30 am and going for a swim ,then he practices martial arts for 1 hour, followed by yoga and meditation for 1 hour respectively .He believes that waking up early plays a key role and makes for a great start for the day.
He believes in bringing variety to his fitness routines and combines martials arts ,kick boxing,shadow boxing ,climbing,yoga and he has even installed an artificial tree in his gym.
His diet includes a very balanced diet and he seldom has outside food.His diet regime is something like this;He starts the day with parathas and glass of milk,In noon he has a bowl of fruits,His evenings comprise of juice without sugar and has a very light dinner like soups,veggies etc.He never touches alcohol ,caffeine and never ever has tasted tea or coffee.
He is one of the leading men in bollywood industry and sets an example that fitness is a way of life.Even with his busy schedules, he never takes a day off from his routine.He is a motivation for everyone of us on how to be dedicated.
It is very easy to make excuses but it is only our willpower and strength of the mind which will help us to achieve the fit goal we set for ourselves.