BFY student : Dinesh Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

In this era of rat race there are a very few people who opt for a career they love and not because of any pressure of others. Mr. Dinesh Kumar is one of those people who chose his interest as his career . He had always been a sportsman in school and loved to stay fit and that is why he chose fitness as his career option. He says that he likes his profession as a sportsman and says that it had always been his passion to pursue his career in this field only. He came to know about BFY sports and fitness through online advertising and choose BFY sports because it very popular for its services and certifications. He had a great experience and was very impressed with the kind of services they provide there! He said that there was very well training and very well practicals and he said that the trainers were very experienced and dedicated. According to him not all trainers are dedicated towards teaching but here he had a great time.
Right now he is working as a freelance personal trainer and trains different people. He says that he loves his job and he loves to train . His earnings vary depending on the work as he is a freelancer and generally his earnings fall between 40 – 65 thousand rupees per month. He is satisfied with what he earns. He is very happy and says that his earnings increased very much after doing his certification from BFY sports and fitness.
When asked about his future plans he said that currently he is not planning for any other business because at this point of time has a a lot of work in his hands. He says that he has done a lot of commitments in life and is first working to make them happen and wants to complete them before taking any other work. He says that he has a tight schedule and does nt have any spare time for other things. He wants to do more certifications and gain more experience so that he could be a good trainer and so that in turn he could earn good amount of money! According to him, more the person in trained and experienced the more he can earn and prosper.
He wants to advice the young and new aspirants entering this fitness industry is that they should have thorough and practical knowledge. They should know how to deal with clients and t give them the best advice.

Sarjubala Devi – The Next Mary Kom

Blog by : Anuradha Guha
Sarjubala Devi is an Indian woman boxer from Manipur.
Sarjubala was born on 1st June, 1993 to Sh. Rajen Singh and Sh. (o) Thoibi Devi. She was born in a farmer family in Manipur. She graduated with Education Honors from Manipur University, with first class in 2013. She was inspired by Mary Kom’s story and decided to join Boxing School in 2005.
After two years of training, she joined the Sports Authority of India in her city, Imphal. Her weight category is in the 48 Kgs.
In 2006, she won gold at the Sub Junior Women National Championship.
In 2008, she again won gold at the Sub Junior Women National Championship.
In 2009, Sarjubala won silver at Junior Women National Championship.
In 2010, she won gold at National boxing Championships in Bhopal.
In 2011, Sarjubala won two golds at National Boxing Championships, Bhopal, gold at Youth National Championships, India, and another gold at AIBA World Youth Boxing Championships, Antalya.
In 2014, she won silver at Women World Boxing Championship in Jeju City, Korea.
It was a very difficult journey for Sarjubala to even come close to her dreams. Her family was not an affluent one and she had to fight tooth and nails, to find her way out of poverty. In spite of such dire situations, she showed an infallible strength of character and determination.
The coach of the Indian team, Anoop Kumar says that he thinks there is talent enough in Sarjubala to become a World Champion. He said- “She’s an incredible fighter. She’s got lots of drive, lots of talent and I’ve really never seen anyone work harder. She’s already won the Youth World Championship in 2011, and I think she’s just a step away from doing the same at the Senior World Championships.”
Sarjubala is very polite and soft-spoken by nature, but she packs a fountain of courage.
She hold Mary Kom in high esteem and considers her to be her idol. She was quoted saying- “Every day, Mary Kom came and taught me new things. I trained with her, watched how much work she can do. I always wanted to work as much as she wanted. I want to be like her.”
When told that she is considered the next significant boxer after Mary Kom in India and asked her thoughts about it, she replied- “I really don’t know about the expectations from the boxing lovers of the country, but Mary didi is my role model and it is because of her exploits in the ring that I got inspired to take up boxing way back in 2004 in Imphal.”
Sarjubala considers her power-packed punches to be strong points. She joking mentioned that even her coach calls her a ‘Punching Machine’. She mentioned that her small height is a weakness for her. She has to work twice as hard against boxers who are taller than her.
When asked about her family, she mentioned that her father works as the driver of a water tank in Imphal. She had a younger sister who expired a few years back and she has a younger brother. She wants her boxing to keep her family happy.
This simple girl who is being heralded “The Next Mary Kom” is an inspiration to many in the way in which she fought up her way from poverty and has established herself as one of the leading women boxers of India.

Ayesha Billimoria

Blog by-Pooja Seth
“The fit girl India”
She is undoubtedly the Fit Girl India.”Ayesha Billimoria” has been influencing so many people into fitness. She is the new age fitness icon for today. She has been a professional athlete since the age of 14.She is one of the leading health and fitness influencers of India today. She is a runner herself and knows the importance of healthy living . Her days are packed head to toe in giving training sessions to her students. She starts her day with arts in motion dance studio in bandra at 6:30 am and then she trains a group 20 women and make them do exercises .At her house ,she has made a little training centre and takes personal training sessions. She is also an ambassador to addidas , and trains runners selected by them .She gets some rest at 12.30 pm, after three hours of back to back home sessions.. She asserts the importance of people learning that running and training well is important. She heads over to Priya Darshni Park for a run at 4 pm and then to conduct training sessions for school children between 5 pm and 7 pm. With that, she finally wraps up her day. Like any athlete she had her share of struggles ,she had severe injuries due to lot of weight training but that could not hamper the passion she has for running. She has decided to be a professional runner even at the age of 31. Her diet is a very simple one and she often indulges in curd bars,beetroot, ginger and wheatgrass
juice.She likes to motivate people through her instagram account and shares her runs and fitness tips on her account.She is a true inspiration and makes each day count.

“Just be you, and share your passion with the world. Dont try to be artificial or like someone else. People will love you for you being you”.
– Ayesha.