BFY student : Booshan

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Booshan, a student of BFY sports and fitness was very enthusiastic about sports and fitness from a very tender age. He had been an excellent athlete in school sports and continued the same in his graduation as well. Fitness has become a part of his routine and never skips even a day. He believes that fitness is not a choice but a part of lifestyle and the way one person lives and sustains his life. If a person who is fit, he can develop a happy life around him and he will enjoy what he does.
He joined BFY sports because it is the only institute that is running smoothly and has excellent reviews. BFY sports and fitness offers new courses to keep up with the coming competition. The training atmosphere is very good and the people are very helpful. He did the ACE / PT course from there and which proved to be very helpful in his development.
He is a freelancer and works as a freelance personal trainer. He is currently earning more than 40 thousand rupees per month and is very satisfied with the work he is doing. His wages increased after the certification from BFY sports. He is also a body builder and was able yo achieve this stage only by the help of BFY sports.
He dreams of opening his own gym and is saving money for that. He is very confident that he will be able to open his gym within a short span of time i.e. within a few months. He believes that work is worship and does all his chores following the same motto. He never stops training and learning because he feels that the more you learn , the better you become and once you learn something, it never goes into vain.
He wants the people who are new to this field or planning to enter this field that they should learn and train properly. He feels like the trainers are not good these days so that the new ones which are entering should do more and more courses and workshops. They should have more certifications which will prove to be very good for their future.

The Inspiring Lady- Harmanpreet Kaur

Blog By : Ipsa Singh

“Leadership is not a position and a title. It is an action and an example.”

Harmanpreet Kaur Bhullar, born on 8 th march 1989, in Punjab, Is a part of established Indian
B women, India Green women, Punjab Women (India), Sydney Thunder. She is an all-
rounder cricketer.

She proves that, gone are the days when women were confined to certain petty
stereotypes. She has break through all these filthy holding back chains of the society and is
all set to inspire young women in border of her country and beyond. She is an extremely
extravagant example of perfection. She proves “Hamari chhori kisi chhore se kam nai.” She’s been excelling in her field like a pro. She is the lady hero with taking in her name the renowned and prestigious Arjuna Award, which adds up to explaining how focused she is.

She stands up holding this inspiratory position to so many young girls out there who are
afraid to step out, who are willing to fight against the odds put up by the society. She is that
individual along with her team who outstand the crumbling myth that women aren’t meant
for the physical work, or the field work, or any other manly work.

She is that magnificent lady who has proved that women can be heroines without makeup
and just by sweating it out, out on the fields. She’s defines and represents the potential of
Indian women internationally and stands up firm to first make her country and then her
family Proud.

She’s a path-breaker too, having become the first India cricketer – male or female – to sign a Big Bash League contract with Sydney Thunder in Australia. The deal came about on the back of an impressive showing during India's tour of Australia in January 2016, where she made a 31-ball 46 to script India’s highest-ever T20 chase. In June 2017, she became the first Indian to sign with Surrey Stars in ECB’s Kia Super League. Since then she has been at the center of advertisement campaigns, endorsements and central contracts.

She swears by her idol Virender Sehwag’s mantra of ‘see ball, hit ball.’ She represents the
new-age Indian women's cricket part of a generation. Harmanpreet broke through in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2013 when she stamped her class. Her century against England at the World Cup, albeit in a losing cause, earned her plaudits from opposition captain Charlotte Edwards. Her career graph since has skyrocketed since. In April 2013, she was handed the captaincy when Mithali Raj was rested for the limited-overs series against Bangladesh, making it clear that she is the one in waiting for the job. In November 2016, she replaced Raj as captain of the T20 team for the series against West Indies.

Punjab had offered the DSP post to her in July last following her outstanding performance in
the Women’s World Cup 2017. She yet again defies yet another saying, “not all heroes wear
capes, some where the colour of their country and uniforms too.”
She in true terms inspiring what is known as the better half of creation, “WOMEN.”





Sushmita Sen

blog by-Pooja seth

When you think of this stunning women, you may wonder the secret behind her ageless beauty , the most important thing is her dedication towards fitness and her eternal positive attitude.She is a very strong woman and often learns various artforms to make her body fit.She has embraced her age with getting fit day by day.
She has a very different fitness regime and also a very unique.
She keeps on changing her workout and believes that workouts should never be dull or boring! She includes everything between walking, skipping, running and strengthening. She does not spend a lot of time working out but instead she likes keeping her body active from head to toe. Weight Training is not a part of her workout mostly.She had a fatal injury due to which she gained a lot of kilos as she could not do any kind of activity.That was the time she got introduced to Aerial silk . Aerial silk is all about hanging in the air with the help of a special fabric. . Aerial silk is a part of her daily workout. She believes that this workout not only helps keep her fit but also keeps her skin glowing and since aerial silk involves using one’s own body weight, each muscle of the body is worked out making one toned. Aerial silk is also meditative in nature.It may very tough for beginners but it is no less than a bliss once you get used to it.She also has a strict diet shedule and her day begins with a bowl of fruits and a glass of warm water within 10 minutes of waking up. Her breakfast comprises of 2 toasts along with 6 egg whites made into a French toast. After two hours she eats a pear.
After two hours she has lunch that includes half a bowl of black dal, a bowl of cauliflower sabji, a piece of foil cooked fish, a bowl of rice and 2 rotis. Her evening snack is just 4 biscuits and two hours later she drinks a glass of vegetable juice.

Her Dinner includes dal , beans and one bowl of onion-cucumber raita or just plain curd with masala. At times it is also 2 rotis and 3 egg whites.She strongly believes in the idea of self love and gifts herself new challenges with every birthday.
Her instagram profile is sheer motivation for everybody on how to age so gracefully.
If you want to achieve anything,you have to put in effort and dedication.and hers is a story that will inspire many people who are willing to find motivation.