BFY student : Mahesh Kumar

Blog by : Kriti Bhardwaj

Mahesh Kumar, a man endeavoring to defy the tedious guidelines of life got into wellness since he needed to practice and didn’t care for the example of 9-5 employments. As a man he needs to be dynamic thus he needed to carry out an occupation where he could be dynamic and solid while, why he selected wellness as his profession choice. He sought after his pastime as his vocation and said that now there’s no weight of profession life, he feels it as his side interest and appreciates it.
He picked BFY sports since he was hunting down stunning wellness courses on the web and none could coordinate his desires with the exception of BFY. He figured out how to connect through telephone calls and afterward joined the association. Having an extraordinary affair there, he cherished every one of the strategies he learnt there.
He now possesses his studio and didn’t uncover his salary, however he said that his wage expanded as a result of the accreditation and is extremely cheerful doing that.
He plans on opening up other fitness lounges and spread awareness about fitness. Likewise, he needs to set up his exploration focus in India to help youthful competitors to approach and make it as another vocation choice. At the point when gotten some information about what guidance he would provide for the newcomers, he said that the newcomers ought to be anxious to learn. He said that they should read for one hour and exercise for 60 minutes, so that they will be pioneers in their own field. He says that when newcomers begin seeing cash come in their grasp, they quit learning and pursue profiting which won’t help them over the long haul. For him they ought to learn dependably to prevail throughout everyday life.

The Ace – Vijendra Singh

Blog By : Ipsa Singh


Vijendra Singh Beniwal, an Indian professional boxer was born on 29th October 1985 in Rewari, Haryana.

He is the first ever Indian to win a medal at Olympics in boxing. He is that iron rod, who has been beaten by time and molded into an ornament in the crown of India. He is an extremely humble human,and strives to be a perfectionist. His approach towards life is very simple. Even after achieving so much n life he stands without any greed and arrogance like any other ordinary being.

He belongs to a very poor family. His financial situation couldn’t stop him from making his dreams come true. He outlaws a myth that only rich people are entitled of glorious, wealthy, and a promising future. He proves that hard-work and dedication isn’t defines by your financial status, it is something an individual is born with and enhances his skill with it, in order to become a successful individual.

He became a boxing enthusiast by following in the foot steps of his elder brother, who himself wanted to become a boxer but got himself employed in the Indian army. Vijendera Singh also turned to modelling for part time to incur money. He is an example of what you can call “glory of struggle.”

He got his first recognition after winning a medal at state-level competition. Then led to the chain of success in sub-junior nationals in 1997 and 2000 by winning gold and silver medals.  It was in 2003 that his career as a boxer took a shoot when he won a silver medal in the Afro-Asian Games. Commonwealth games (CWG) surely show some favour to him, the ones that were held in Delhi in 2010 proved to be really productive for him as he went on to grab a bronze medal followed by a gold in Guangzhou Asian Games.

Soon his boxing style, hooks, and cuts were compared and contrasted with Rocky in the Rocky film series. Since then he won a lot of medals along with some outings at some international events.

Undoubtedly vijender singh is a maestro in India. He is not only bringing the laurels in India but also woking hard to enlighten and guide the young talent in the field of boxing in India. He recently won the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title after defeating China’s Zulpikar Maimaitiali. He dedicated his win to India-China friendship at the time of tension between the two countries over the infamous Doklam issue which conveys the fact as a clear truth that he is also a responsible citizen of India.

He is the perfect role model  whose footprints the new generation should follow in most of the aspects of life.

” She is the fierce, tough, and fighting against patriarchy! ” Mamota Devi

Mamota is one of India’s first international bodybuilding champions. She has several national and international titles to her credit. She made the country proud in 2012 with a bronze medal at the World Body Building Championship at Bangkok. She also won a bronze medal at the Asian World Championship at Vietnam in 2013.
People think she always had this frame but the truth is she worked very hard to for this body.Earlier she used to work as a model but she wanted more from life.
Her decision to be a bodybuilder was not an easy one.She was inspired by her husband who is also a bodybuilder but her decision was not happily accepted by her parents who thought why their daughter wanted to become so manly.But her determination and will was so strong that eventually, everyone had to kneel.
The struggle to build her body just began.She knew that it was not easy and would require a lot of hard work and a good diet.She
needed supplements but the resources were not enough to fulfil this passion.But eventually, she got help from her sister-in-law and did a lot of hard work.She started toning her muscles, worked on her flexibility and other technical aspects of bodybuilding.
Every medal she earned paved path for her motivation every single day. She aspires to participate and win the Miss Olympia title, which is one of the highest accolades in the field of female bodybuilding.
It is not easy being a mother to 3 children and an international bodybuilder.But as it is said-“Where there is a will there is a way!”
The undying support from her husband and her sheer determination for bodybuilding has made her today what she is today.
The constant stares and the criticism do not deter this iron lady.She is an inspiration for everyone who is oppressed by patriarchy and wants to shine.
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The trainers and the courses available will help you to make the most of your inner strength and help unleash the fitter, healthier and the best you!
Mamota Devi is shows that there is nothing you cant achieve with hardwork,passion and love of family.

Harry boniface prabhu: Inspiration on Wheelchair

Blog by: Raj Kishan

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming. So just focus and keep aiming. Life dragged him backwards, by making him quadriplegic but he didn’t lose him heart, he launched himself to greatness.

We are talking about Harry Boniface Prabhu, Indian quadriplegic wheelchair tennis player. He was born on 14 May 1972, at Bangalore. At the age of four, the tragedy struck, when a blotched lumbar made him paralysed below waist and made him a quadriplegic for the remainder of his life.

“My instructor came up to me and suggested that I should play a sport that will give me a better platform in life. So one fine day, I saw in one of our local newspaper that there is a disability national championship happening in Dharwad, in the north of Karnataka. First time I sat on a proper wheelchair and got a third place bronze in discus throw, followed by a gold medal. So it strongly motivated me and from there on I never looked back.” He said in an interview reminding how he came into sports. Now he is one of the pioneers in the sports world in India. He says that he took tennis because it keeps him busy all year, but the main reason is that the tennis association always trained disabled and abled players under one umbrella so he feels good about it.

As for his training, at first, he has a very tough training, the regime had him training six to seven hours a day. Later, he reduced the hours and worked on the mental aspects of the game. He does weight training and breathing exercises. Apart from that, he has normal training and wheels for ten to twenty hours a day. Speaking about his technique he says, “The technique is called on-court access. See, it will be easy for any person to move his body. But for me I have to maneuver wheelchair on the court. I prefer a manual chair and not happy on a power chair because when you serve, in seconds you have to be ready to receive the ball which can only be possible in a manual chair.”

His career and medals are as follows:

:Winner – Sydney International Wheelchair Tennis Championship – 2007
Winner – Singles – Florida open – 2004
Winner – Doubles – Florida open – 2004
Runner-up – Sydney International Wheelchair Open Tennis – 2003
Quarter finalist – Australian Open International Wheelchair Tennis – 2003
Winner – Japan Open Wheelchair Tennis Championship – 2001
Winner – Sydney International Wheelchair Tennis Championship – 1999
Runner up – Australian Open – 1999
Semi finalist Singles – US Open – 1998
Semi finalist Doubles – US Open – 1998

Boniface has reached a career best world ranking of 17 in singles and 19 in doubles. He has been the highest ranked player in Asia in 2011, present ranking being no. 2. He is the no. 1 player in India. He has won 11 career titles and has featured in the finals of all the grand slam tournaments.

His awards and honours list is long and fine:

Padma Shri – Government of India – 2014
Prathiba Bhushan
Rising Star of the Millennium Award
Ekalavya Award – Government of Karnataka – 2004
Rajyotsava Award – Government of Karnataka – 2003
Swabhiman Appreciation Award – Daijiworld Weekly – 2011

Boniface Prabhu is the founder of a trust, Boniface Prabhu Wheelchair Tennis Academy, based in Bangalore. The trust aims at promoting physically challenged people discovering and nurturing their talents. The Academy provides free sports training to differently enabled people.

He took to the cause of PWDs with open arms by driving 3,500 km from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This was first of its kind road expedition by a quadriplegic athlete.

“Just chase your dreams,” is the simple yet profound message of Harry Boniface. So, just go for it.