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  • An Aerobics Instructor
  • Gym Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Fitness Writer
  • Fitness trainer for sportsmen
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Weight Loss Specialist etc.


Scared of stepping foot in this industry? Let us tell you the reasons you should join it today:

  • High demand
  • Good income
  • Satisfaction
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced skills
  • Helping others

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  • Qualified individuals have value
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Check the study material in advance by enrolling early:

You will receive the study material as soon as your payment/cheque/draft is cleared.


Tests & Exams:

Exams are of MCQ type.
Passing marks – 25 out of 50 (50%)


Want to know the syllabus beforehand?

  1. Introduction to physical fitness
  2. Cardio-respiratory fitness
  3. Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Kinesiology
  5. Nutrition
  6. Body Composition
  7. Client Assessment
  8. Injury Prevention
  9. Special Population
  10. Motivational techniques
  11. Legal issues
  12. Professional responsibilities
  13. Emergency training


Requirements for the course:

  • Candidate must be 18 years old


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10 Fitness Industry Experts on How They Made It

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

You love going to the gym, so you want to work at a gym. I get it. But, have you ever thought about turning your gym job into your dream job?

You’ll be doing more than just training clients. I’m talking about becoming an industry expert, a thought-leader, and a respect authority on all things fitness.

Maybe you’re thinking; “That all sounds great, but I’m not sure how to get started.” That’s okay.

You don’t need to know it all, because I talked to 10 fitness industry experts who do. They shared their best advice for making it in the fitness industry. Here’s what they had to say.


Steve Kamb | Nerd Fitness

After starting his website,, as a hobby Steve grew this website into his full-time job. What began as a project aimed at helping beginners and “underdogs” get in shape has grown into a full-time endeavor requiring 10-15 contractors to work on various projects. Now Steve sells ebooks, course, iPhone apps, and apparel, while continuing to grown his following and readership. So what’s his secret? Steve says his breakthrough came when he started to embrace the “nerd” in Nerd Fitness, and focused on writing incredibly long, well-researched, nerdy articles full of personality and humor.”

Steve’s advice for creating community and building a following –

Be different. There are a billion fitness sites out there, and a billion sites selling the same crap and promoting the same tired message. Nerd Fitness is a success because I chose to do things the exact opposite of what fitness marketers teach.

Make sure you identify the audience that you want to help (and don’t say “everybody.” if you try to write to everybody, you’ll help nobody) I cater specifically to nerds who have never worked out before.


Kelly Starrett | Mobility WOD

Professionally speaking, Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of Mobility WOD. In terms of his impact, he is revolutionizing how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance. He’s honing in on movement and mechanics as a means of preventing injuries, optimizing performance, and perfecting the human machine.

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Kelly’s advice for achieving your goals –

I just think; right intention, right action. It means that if you do the right things for the right reasons everything else will sort itself out. When I started I didn’t want to change the world, I wanted to make the athletes around me better, I wanted to solve the problems I was seeing.

 I got up and coached every day for eight years. That’s how I became a better coach, I practiced. There’s no substitute for practice. 


Derek Flanzraich | CEO and founder, Greatist

When he couldn’t find a community or brand delivering high quality health and fitness resources, Derek set out to create it himself. Born out of a mission to help people make better choices for their fitness, health, and happiness, Greatist is filling that void.  Striving to become the most trusted health and fitness resource among the “young, savvy, and social”, Greatist is turning out content that is cited by a PubMed, meticulously verified, and expert approved.

Derek’s advice for making a difference –

Nothing worth doing is easy. The fitness space is FULL of noise, so figure out what defines you, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. Then figure out who will resonate with what you’re doing. Figure out your audience. Who are you speaking to? The more specific you make that audience, the more obvious what you should do and how you should do it will become. That’s how you will make the biggest difference.


Matt Frazier | No Meat Athlete

While Matt was training to qualify for the Boston Marathon he experimented with eating a plant-based diet. He began writing about his experiences and sharing his work on his blog. Before long, his non-preachy style began to win people over. Now, Matt heads up an engaged community of endurance athletes eating a plant-based diet.

Matt’s advice for packaging and promoting online content –

 Writing great content for my site wasn’t enough: if you write something amazing and don’t package and promote it well, nobody reads it and it fails. When I say “package and promote,” I don’t mean it has to be sleazy or inauthentic, just that you need to engineer your work to be read, viewed, watched, or listened to, and ultimately shared.


Sean Hyson | Training Director, Men’s Fitness; Muscle & Fitness

Like everyone reading this, Sean wanted to get in really great shape. He began seeking out all of the information and resources he could. Except there was a problem, there was too much information to make sense of; too many people, too many idea and too much misinformation. So Sean filled the gap between expert and novice, seeking to distill fitness for the rest of us. Now, he blogs about fitness distilled on his website and he curates the website and magazine content for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness.

Sean’s advice for wanna-be fitness writers –

Get really good at what you do and start a blog. I’m amazed at the money bloggers can make by coming out with e-products and selling them through colleagues who act as affiliates. Good bloggers are usually good writers and they get noticed by magazines.


Nia Shanks | Lift Like a Girl

Nia is the leader of the Lift Like a Girl revolution and she’s on a mission to show women how to be the most awesome and strongest version of themselves. Tired of the quick fixes being touted by industry experts, Nia decided she’d encourage women to ditch the diet and stop living their lives around a rigid gym schedule. She shuns flashy, innovative fitness fads, relying on the tried and true methods of strength training and proper nutrition.

Nia’s advice for new personal trainers –

Educate yourself constantly and don’t be afraid to ask, “Why?” It’s easy to get caught up in what’s popular and assume it’s the “right way”… Ask “why?” frequently and always do what works best for your individual clients. No two people are the same and so they will require different workout programs and maybe even nutrition guidelines

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Jonathan Goodman | Personal Trainer Development Center

When he was studying Kinesiology in school Jonathan began training clients. Then, after graduation, he continued to train clients while managing the fitness staff. As he tried to improve his skills he had trouble finding resources aimed at helping trainers succeed. So he made them himself. First he wrote Ignite the Fire and followed that up the Personal Trainer Development Center; a website that would serve as a clearinghouse for trainer resources. Now he’s exploring psychology and social media in his book Race to the Top: How to Take Over the Social Media Feed and his website, Viralnomics.

Jon’s advice for people beginning their fitness career –

Start out by getting as much experience as possible before deciding on what path you want to follow. Focus on training clients and getting to know what type of clients you love working with.

Put all of your available funds into education and networking…nothing yields anywhere close to the same return as investing in yourself


JC Deen | JCDFitness

A strength coach and fitness writer JC Deen works with people who want to change their body, and their habits to be healthier, leaner, stronger, and more active. Through a combination of hard work and networking, along with a little technical trial and error JC had managed to launch a hugely successful e-product LGN365, get his writing published, and build a brand he hopes to leverage into a book in the near future.

JC’s advice on getting noticed and having fun –

Learn how to write, but more importantly, learn how to connect with people. No one cares about what your credentials are, or what you have done until you can earn their attention.

If something isn’t fun, or doesn’t lead to fun in the future, I don’t want to do it. Life’s too short to do a bunch of stuff that isn’t fun and has no impact.


Sol Orwell | Co-founder,

When Sol was undergoing a fat to fit transformation he couldn’t find the right answers to his nutrition and supplement questions. As a computer engineer by trade he wasn’t schooled on the details of diets, but he knew the information was out there. “I thought to myself there is all this knowledge in these various forums, but it’s all hidden away. It would be awesome to have it in one place, in public, easily accessible.” That’s how, an independent organization that presents un-biased research on supplements and nutrition, was born.

Sol’s advice on the importance of your website –

Invest in a good website. Coming from tech, there are so many crappy ugly poorly built websites it boggles my mind. Your website is your 24/7 representative – make it look good! Sell your services on it, and make it easy to contact you (and no, twitter should not be your primary point of contact).


Jeremey Duvall |

For Jeremey, making the transition from personal trainer to freelance fitness writer has been quite a journey. He started writing as a hobby and ended up enjoying it so much that he began blogging consistently. After being accepted as a contributing to, Jeremey has been able to earn himself more and more freelance gigs, while working towards a full-time writing/editing position in the fitness world.

Jeremey’s advice for working with an editor –

The editor’s goal is to ultimately make the writer look better and guard the pristine quality of the publication. I think you have to be able to take constructive criticism rather than putting up a wall and getting defensive. Just listen to the feedback and rewrite the piece to fit the guidelines.

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Geethu anna jose kottayam is an Basketball player who has the captain of the Indian women national team. She born in 30 june 1985 his father is late Jose Thomas and his mother Rosamma jose . The sister Nittu Elsa Jose and brother tom jose. Geethu Anna Jose ,Indian Basketball Team Captain.she did her schooling at Mount carmel GHSS, Kottayam . She Did come with the sport  family background but this brother who is playing basketball. age of 11, as an athelete following the path of her sister who was an active member of sports during her school days. She come his career in volleyball also. In 2003 she has joined the southern Indian Railways team and She was part of a team that beat Delhi in a 2005 tournament final, where she scored 34 points in a 95-50 point victory.  She became the first Indian Women basketball player to play for an Australia Club as a professional . Her brother Tom Jose is also a basketball player having represented the State of Kerala. She is married to rahul Koshy. . She finished as the top scorer in the 2009 FIBA Asia Championship and was MVP at the CommonWealth Games basketball tournament in 2004. she has been a one-woman wrecking crew, winning almost every tournament she has participated in for her clubs Indian Railways or Southern Railway.

As a senior, she led the Indian Railways women’s squad to nine consecutive National Championship titles. She also became the first (and only) Indian to earn trials with the WNBA – the world’s finest women’s basketball league – in 2011 when she worked out with the Chicago Sky, Los Angeles Sparks, and San Antonio Silver Stars.She  has winner Ajrun Awards .In 2009 she Becoming Asia’s top scorer in the 23 Asian basketball Championships in Chennai. At the national level , jose has won 11 winning out of the last 13 Senior National Basketball Championships. the Senior Indian women’s team also finished in its best ever fifth position at the 2013 Asian Basketball Championship, thanks to a win over Kazakhstan in the elite Level 1 pool. And his WNBA Teams ,Chicago Sky, los ANGELES Sparks San Antonio Silver Stars invited her for tryouts.In June 2012, Jose schored 11 points in the finals of the third Asian Beach Games at Haiyang, helping India to achieve a 17-14 victory over China.

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

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Jhulan Goswami, India’s fast bowler, is now the leading wicket-taker in Women’s ODIs, going past Australia’s Cathryn Fitzpatrick record of 180 wickets. Jhulan, former India captain, achieved the feat during the ongoing Women’s Quadrangular Series in South Africa. She now has 181 wickets in 153 matches at an average of 21.76 with two five-wicket and 4 four-wicket hauls. Neetu David – slow left-arm orthodox – is at No. 4 with 141 scalps from 97 games. In 2006-07 season, Jhulan Goswami guided the Indian women’s team to first Test series win in England. She was a member of the Asia squad for the Afro-Asia tournament in India in 2007. Later in 2008, she replaced Mithali Raj as the India’s captain for Australia tour. She led India in 25 ODIs.

Former Indian women’s cricket captain Jhulan Goswami has become the leading wicket-taker in Women’s One-Day Internationals going past Australian Cathryn Fitzpatrick record of 180 wickets on Tuesday Goswami, 34, took three wickets against South Africa Women during the ongoing Women’s Quadrangular Series in South Africa taking her career tally of wickets to 181 in 153 matches at an average of 21.76.The ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year 2007, Arjuna Awardee, Padma Shri winner and the once the fastest bowler in women’s cricket has been the mainstay of India women bowling unit since her debut in 2002. Born in a village in Nadia district of West Bengal, Goswami grew up as a fan of football. Her first tryst with cricket was when she watched the 1992 Cricket World Cup on TV and five years later she was enthralled by watching Belinda Clarke’s victory lap after Australia vs New Zealand 1997 Women’s World Cup final live at the stadium. Goswami was also adjudged ICC’s ‘Women Cricketer of the Year’ in 2007.In her younger days, she was the fastest woman fast bowler that India ever produced. She still is very economical and batswomen across the globe still respect her wicket-to- wicket bowling. Goswami also has 40 wickets in 10 Tests and 50 wickets in 60 Twenty20 Internationals. Her early career was marked with a lot of struggle. Her parents did not think that cricket was an ideal career choice for their daughter and wanted her to focus on her studies. But she defied them and travelled 80 km to undergo training in Kolkata. In order to make it to practice on time, she would wake up at 4.30 am to catch the local train that would take her to the city. While she is happy breaking records, her big dream is to help India win the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017.

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

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Ice hockey originated in Canada in the early 19th century, based on several similar sports played in Europe, although the word “hockey” comes from the old French word “hocquet”, meaning “stick”. Around 1860, a puck was substituted for a ball, and in 1879 two McGill University students, Robertson and Smith, devised the first rules.The U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team — the reigning world champions — won’t be defending their title this year. They announced Wednesday that they will be boycotting the championships later this month as a protest against USA Hockey, citing stalled negotiations for “fair wages and equitable support” from the organization. The existing U.S. national team is a dominant player in women’s ice hockey — they’ve medaled in all five Olympic Games that featured women’s hockey and won the world championships seven times since 2000. (Over the same time frame, the men won two Olympic and two World Championship silvers.)

Hockey is Canada’s national winter game and arguably its greatest contribution to world sport, and this prowess undeniably translates to the Olympic arena as well. The first Olympic hockey tournament actually took place at the 1920 Olympic (Summer)Games. (Although the first Olympic Winter Games were not held until 1924, both ice hockey and figure skating were included in the 1920 Summer Games.) Canada was represented by the Winnipeg Falcons, who won easily, securing gold against the United States with Czechoslovakia winning the bronze. The team (which was almost entirely of Icelandic heritage) included players Bobby Benson, Wally Byron, Frank Fredrickson, Chris Fridfinnson, Mike Goodman, Hallie “Slim” Halderson, Konnie Johanneson and Allan “Huck” Woodman, and was coached by Fred “Steamer” Maxwell and trainer Gordon Sigurjonsson. The 1997 Women’s World Championship served as a qualifier for the 1998 Winter Olympics, which took place in Nagano, Japan. The top five teams from the 1997 World Championship, along with the host team from Japan competed in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games.The six countries listed below competed at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. The numbers below indicate the rank for each country, based on their placing at the 1997 Women’s World Hockey Championship. Japan has been invited as the host team, and is seeded 6th. The top four teams in Olympic round-robin advanced to the medal round: Third-placed Finland and fourth-placed China played for the Bronze; first-placed USA and second-placed Canada played for Gold.The round-robin games were held at the Aqua Wing Arena; both medal-round games were held at the Big Hat Arena.

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

BFY also provides Placements Services in India.