Description of Jobs in Health, Fitness & Sports

Blog by : Anushka Jain

To fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts like us, a desire to have a job in the fitness field is not anything new. Every day, we pass on our wisdom about fitness to our friends and colleagues. Every day, we dream about doing it for a living. But then, the reality sets in and we push the image away.
But did you know that your dream is not unrealistic anymore? Did you know these jobs actually exist and pay more than you thought? Did you know it is actually very easy and feasible for you to do it?
If you shook your head into a no, this article is for you. In this article, I am going to give a job description of eight jobs in the health fitness & sports industry that are proven to be the most satisfactory. Ready?


  1. Physical Education Teacher:
    Students commonly call them as a P.E teacher or a gym teacher. These teachers usually have done a certified course in physical education or athletic training. They give theoretical and practical knowledge about fitness, health and sports to the students. Their daily schedules are decided upon the school’s syllabus pattern, but usually they take one hour class daily. They start by teaching daily good habits, proper meals, and common exercises good for their body growth. Then, they move on to training kids for numerous sports they want to participate in, including basketball, football, cricket, gymnastics, tennis etc. They also teach kids some other values like discipline, being a team player, leadership skills in sports etc. Physical Education teachers make good money and have satisfactory schedules. If along with your passion for fitness, you love kids, this job is definitely for you.


  1. Nutritionist:
    A nutritionist’s job is to advise people in the matters of food and nutrition, and how it impacts their overall health. They also decide people’s daily meals, calorie intakes, dos and don’ts in matters of food etc. If people have specific chronic diseases, they prepare customized diet plans for them in that case. A diet plan of someone with obesity and someone with diabetes will have differences. Nutritionist can be of a few types: dietician-nutritionist, sports nutritionist, personal nutritionist etc. A smart nutritionist would be able to help their clients with whatever food problem they are facing. Usually, nutritionist have a certified course in diet programs, nutrition management etc. They can be self-employed or work in hospitals, clinics, spa-centres, gyms and sports clubs. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the fitness & health industry.




  1. Personal Trainer:
    Being a personal trainer is the new ‘trending’ job in health & fitness industry. A personal trainer can have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. Their job is to listen to their clients’ problems about fitness, make a plan to overcome those problems and implement the plan with daily follow-up of exercises and suitable diets. Trainers measure their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, triggers etc. to help them achieve their fitness goals. Personal trainers can either work independently or work in gyms and health clubs. Their salary is usually decided upon the kind of training they are providing to a specific client.


  1. Physical Therapist:
    Physical therapists own a professional degree in physiotherapy and are highly educated and experienced in the field. They help their patients recover from an injury by developing a plan, and using treatment techniques to provide aid to patient’s body movements. In many injury cases, physical therapy works better than medical therapy. So, these physiotherapists help their patients do some general exercises that can make their body function normally again. They usually work in hospitals, medical centres, health agencies, sports facilities or sometimes independently too. They earn a lot due to the technical knowledge and experience, and the medical aid they provide.


  1. Gym Owner:
    Being a gym owner is probably the simplest jobs of these all, while still earning a lot. For being a gym owner, you can just have a certified course of general fitness and exercise. But more than that, you need to have knowledge about start-ups and businesses. To be smart about it, you need to have a clear idea of the framework of your gym. This means deciding the business structure, the kind of exercises you will promote, the area you will establish it in etc. Also, you must appoint trainers who have enough knowledge and experience in training & exercise. If the gym ends up becoming a successful one, you would be one of the few to live your dream and earn well.


  1. Fitness Magazine Writer/Editor:
    This job fits for the kind of people who are the ‘fitness guru’ of their friends circle. Are you that friend who is always giving advices about healthy food and effective exercises? If you are, then how about becoming a fitness magazine writer/editor? This will help in nurturing that creative side of yours while you do what you love best – advice! For doing this, you must be certified in any general fitness course, diet & nutrition course etc. and you get paid well according to the magazine’s popularity. This job is convenient for people who want to follow their passion and keep their full-time job as this is part-time only.


  1. Sports trainer:
    A sports trainer is usually a certified & licensed health-care professional who practices in the field of sports, athletics etc. They are sometimes specifically an expert in one sport and train their students in the particular sport to become better. You may have visited several sports clubs where there are trainers for cricket, football, tennis, swimming etc. These are the ones we are reading about right now. They choose their method of training themselves but it always requires discipline, hard work and determination. If they do well, they can get a job in national and international clubs too to train professional players who represent our country internationally. Therefore, this is an opportunistic job that pays quite well too.


  1. Sports Journalist:
    This is the era of media & journalism. Hence, sports journalism has to be one of the jobs that are best suitable for people passionate about sports. These journalists do not necessarily have done a course in fitness or sports. They are professional journalists who are passionate about sports while having appropriate knowledge about it. They focus on reporting amateur and professional sporting news and events. Their daily job is to witness sports events, observe them carefully and report it to their seniors. Some of the perks of this jobs is – you get to travel, you get to go to numerous sports events and matches, you get paid very well. So, ask yourself – are you a sports fan who has a zeal for journalism?


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Workshop for Self Myofascial Release

Blog by : Anushka Jain

BFY Workshop for Self Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling)

Myofascial Release is an alternate medicine therapy that claims to treat skeletal
muscle in immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood
and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.
To learn the therapy, register yourself in the BFY workshop.
All your queries have been answered below:

What will I learn from the workshop?
 Meaning of Fascia
 Meaning of Self Myofascial Release
 Meaning of flexibility
 Stretching and its types
 Foam rolling and its types
 Effects and benefits of foam rolling
 40 different stretching techniques for different muscles and soft tissues
 20 different foam rolling techniques for different muscles and soft tissues
 Who should foam roll?
 When should foam roll?

How will I benefit from the workshop?
 Improved muscle range of motion
 Increased blood flow
 Reduces muscle soreness
 Specialized knowledge in Myofascial release
 Lifetime valid certificate on attending the full workshop


Blog by : Anushka Jain



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You can be:

  • An Aerobics Instructor
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  • Fitness Consultant
  • Fitness Writer
  • Fitness trainer for sportsmen
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Weight Loss Specialist etc.


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Check the study material in advance by enrolling early:

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Tests & Exams:

Exams are of MCQ type.
Passing marks – 25 out of 50 (50%)


Want to know the syllabus beforehand?

  1. Introduction to physical fitness
  2. Cardio-respiratory fitness
  3. Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Kinesiology
  5. Nutrition
  6. Body Composition
  7. Client Assessment
  8. Injury Prevention
  9. Special Population
  10. Motivational techniques
  11. Legal issues
  12. Professional responsibilities
  13. Emergency training


Requirements for the course:

  • Candidate must be 18 years old


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Pain is inevitable suffering is optional (Haruki Murakami)

Abhijit Das TransformationOn Left-     Jan  2017 – 92 Kg.

On Right-  Dec  2017 – 82 kg 


Blog by: Rohan Joshi

“When the going gets tough, the tough get lethal.” Abhijit Das, Senior Neurologist at a leading hospital in Kolkata, exemplifies this quote. In a quick e-mail chat, he answers our questions brilliantly and shares motivational speeches.- Haruki Murakami


1. Briefly describe yourself and your current profession.

Ans: I am a senior Neurologist at a leading hospital in Kolkata. I am also an inventor and entrepreneur with my own technology start-up company.

2. What was your first step towards fitness? Were you maintaining an active lifestyle prior to that step?

Ans: I loved to walk, trek and was an avid birdwatcher. But of late had minimum physical activity other than running around the hospital

3.  What was your first run/workout? What was your duration on the first day?

Ans: My first run was at CSC 5K run in Feb 2017. It took me around 44 min to complete it. It changed my life.

4. Please share the experience of your first run/workout. How did it feel post run/workout?

Ans: Running together with so many people and the of crossing the finishing line was awesome.

5. How do you maintain your fitness levels despite being a doctor with a busy schedule?

Ans: I run usually very early in the morning. I follow a low carb, high protein diet. It has helped me to reduce my weight from 94 to 82 kg

6. Please tell us more about your daily fitness regimen and diet. 

Ans: I run 3 times a week. I usually climb stairs and try to walk 10000 steps a day

7. What have been your achievements since you started running/ working out? (Marathon runs, podiums and timings would be highly appreciated along with fitness competition participation and wins)

Ans: I have now started running 10K my 5K PR is now at 33.45 min

8. Future plans and what lies ahead for you?

Ans: My immediate target is to run the HM at IDBI marathon and my ultimate target is Boston marathon 🙂

9. What’s your inspiration and motivation both in fitness industry and otherwise? Which sports icons do you idolize?

Ans: My starting inspiration was my close friend Dr Mithun Barik who transformed himself and inspired me. My sports icon is Rahul Dravid.

10. Anything you’d like to say to novice runners and fitness enthusiasts?

Ans: Start slow, avoid injury and enjoy the run

11. Final quote. 

Ans: Pain is inevitable……suffering is optional (after Haruki Murakami)


Nidhi Mohan kamal- Fitness guru #FitWomenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

Nidhi Mohan Kamal is a very reputed name in the fitness circles. She is the director of NidSun.She’s a Food scientist with a Food and Chemical engineering degree and specialization in Nutrition. A expert with an overall work experience of 11 years and handling Fat loss and body shaping needs since 2007. She has been personal training many special needs clients one and one. In terms of fitness and exercise she has been working out last 17 years and has learnt Functional, weight training, Yoga , Pilates and various dance styles like Ballet, belly , salsa and bhangra.

Besides running their body shaping clinics in Delhi, She is also writer with regular columns and blogs on food, fitness and nutrition in many publications like Times of India, Asian Age , Urban Melenge and many online portals etc.
She posts workout videos and motivational posts on instagram. Also she is a Puma certified trainer.
She is one amazing fitness expert.

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

kavita dalal hails from a small village called malvi (julana) of the jind district in the state of haryana. the village has a population of under 6000 people according to the 2011 indian census and doesn’t exactly have the best facilities for budding women athletes. she credits her elder brother sandeep dalal for encouraging her to complete higher studies and to become a weightlifter.kavita devi, india’s former powerlifter and south asian games gold medallist, will make history as the first indian woman wrestler to appear in world wrestling entertainment (wwe). he has been selected to compete in the mae young classic, which is the first ever wwe tournament for women. The devi hails from haryana and underwent rigorous training under former wwe champion, the great khali at his punjab-based wrestling promotion and training academy. the wrestler came into limelight after participating in the wwe dubai try-out in april this year. her strong performance impressed the talent scouts. devi was an accomplished kabaddi player in high school. in 2016, she won gold in the 75kg weightlifting division at the south asian games. inside the ring, devi has racked up victories using a head-caving roundhouse a sashastra seema bal constable from haryana, devi shot to fame after a viral video. she wrestled a woman wrestler named b b bull bull at the continental wrestling entertainment (cwe), promoted by the great khali, in a salwar kameez.

kavita was a posted constable with the ssb and retired as a sub inspector, which means that she has had all of this training. we hope nobody messes with this badass woman, for their own sake! constables and officers of the sashastra seema bal are deployed on the indo-nepal and the indo-bhutan borders. the cadres of ssb are trained in various techniques of armed warfare and are given specialised training in guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency measures, intelligence operations, demolitions and survival in extreme weather. he had started training in the sport in 2002 at faridabad, haryana, eventually moving to training facilities in lucknow, uttar pradesh. she has been a multiple time national senior weightlifting champion since 2007.kavita left her position as a sub inspector at ssb to focus on her sporting career in 2010, as she wasn’t being given permission to compete in several tournaments by the government, even causing her to miss out on an international tournament in russia, which was the last straw for her.

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Chile and Germany in Semi Final of Confed cup.

Blog By- Harinadh.A.S

Russia: COPA America defending champs Chile and World cup defending champs Germany entered the semi finals of Confederation cup final on yesterday. Germany defeated Cameroon for 3-1. while Chile found a drew with Australia to enter in the Confederation cup Semi Final. Chile will face Portugal in the Semi while Germany will face Mexico.

Germany’s Kerem Demirbay made the first goal in the 48th minute of the game. Cameroon got a red card in the game and they were reduced to a team of ten man. Timo Werner made the second goal in the game for Germany. Werner again scored his second goal of the game in the 81st minute of the game. Vincent Aboubarkar made the goal for the African champions Cameroon. With the victory Germany came to the first position in the Pool B. Joachim Loew, German coach made his 100th victory as the coach of Germany from 150 matches.

In the other game, Chile found a drew with the Asian Champions Australia to enter the semi finals of the Confederation Cup. They stayed second in the group B. Australia made the first goal of the game by James Troisi in the 42nd minute.  In the 67th minute Chile made the equalizer from the substitute Martin Rodriguez.

Let us wait for the semi final between Portugal v/s Chile and Germany v/s Mexico!!!!

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Joshna Chinappa on born 15 September 1986 in Kodagu Chennai.She is a squash player based in India.Her father Anjan chinappa and mother Sunita Chinappa . The youngest woman National Champion of India, Joshna Chinappa has been playing the game of squash since the age of 7.she started player at the age of 8 At the madras club. she has done BA in English The game of squash runs in the blood of this young National Champion She is first Indian to won the British squash championship in 2003.

She belong to sport family and as her great grandfather field marshal K.M Cariappa who was the first commander in chief in the Indian Army was a squash player. And her father also player who represented the tamil Nadu in the games. Joshna is the first beneficiary of the 40 core Mittal Champions Trust. She was the winner of the India National Junior and Senior Championships as well as Malaysian Junior in 2004. She took home the bronze medal in the 2004 Asian Championships. She was adjudged the winner of the Asian Junior and British Junior Open in 2005. A trainee of the Indian Squash Academy erstwhile ICL academy Chennai, Joshna is currently ranked 32 in the world. From a very young age, Joshna Chinappa was interested in the game and wanted to take it up as a career. Therefore, although she continued her studies she never really concentrated in academics. Joshna Chinappa has till date played 10 senior and 10 junior Championships. At the age of 14 Joshna was crowned the Youngest Senior National Champion and by now she has several numbers of achievements under her belt. The most prominent achievements of Joshna Chinappa in the game of Squash include: Junior National- winner, 2004,Senior National- winner, 2004,World Junior, Belgium – runner-up, 2005, British Open Junior- runner-up, 2004, Asian Junior – winner, 2005, SAF Games, Pakistan – gold, 2004, Hongkong event – runner-up, 2004, Asian Championship – bronze, 2004, Malaysian Junior – winner, 2004,British Open Junior – winner, 2005. Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa have made not only their country proud but also gave a great significant to their sport – squash, with their magnificent win in the women’s doubles gold medal match at the Commonwealth Games 2014. Never before India has won a medal forget gold in the squash and has been dominated by the Western Counterparts. But these beautiful looking players from India not only tamed their opponents from England, the top seeds Jenny Duncalf and Laura Massaro from England but did it in style.

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Sanjita Khumukcham Chanu  on born 2 January 1994 is an Indian weightlifter. She is from Manipur. Most influential person in career Her parents Sanjita Khumukcham and Mirabai Saikhom, both from Manipur, won the gold and silver to give India a bright start on the medal’s tally on the first day itself.There was more to come for Delhi as later in evening, the men’s 56kg lifting competition was expected to provide another brace of medals through Sukhen Dey and Ganesh Mali, who are seeded among the top three at the start, with Malaysia’s Mohd. Faizal Baharom expected to give them a fight for the colour of the medals the  memorable sporting achievement Competing at the 2011 Asian Championships in Tongling, China. Weight lifter khumukcham sanjita won first gold medal in common wealth Games. Sanjita won with a total lift of 173kg (77+96) while Mirabai grabbed the silver with a cumulative effort of 170 (75+95) in the absence of other strong competitors. Nigerai’s Nkechi Opara was a distant third with 162 (70+92).Sanjita’s total of 173kg missed the Games record, held the name of 2010 CWG gold winner Augustina Nkem Nwaokolo (175kg effort) by two kilograms. Sanjita’s 77kg effort in snatch however equalled Nwaokolo’s Commonwealth Games record.

The clean and jerk contest went on almost similar lines with Sanjita and Mirabai taking the bar and the bell after most of their opponents had exhausted their attempts below the 90kg entry weight of the two Indians. Sensing that they could be in for top two positions, the Indian duo raised their entry weight to over 90kg and put pressure and physical exertion on their opponents who had to continue their attempts in quick succession.There was a brief moment of tension in the Indian camp after Opara and Mirabai lifted 92kg, and Sanjita failed to clear the same weight. But Sanjita lifted 92kg in her second attempt to give a sigh of relief to the Indian camp.The contest left to be fought between the two Indians, Mirabai lifted 95kg to put herself in contention, but Sanjita roared back with a 96kg lift to retain the first position. Sanjita and Saikhom Mirabai Chanu opened India’s campaign on a flying note by winning a gold and silver respectively in women’s 48kg before Dey and Ganesh Mali bagged with first and third position in men’s 56kg to cap a remarkable day for the Indians at the Clyde Auditorium.

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

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