A Fitness Guide

Blog by : Anushka Jain

A Fitness Guide


A balanced and healthy diet is the key to every problem your body is facing. Therefore, it is our duty to take care of our diet the most. It is said that for maintaining a good health and keep your body fit, a vegetarian diet is the best diet. However, there is no magic pill and there is not one specific diet for overcoming metabolic syndrome and keeping fit. Everyone’s body is different, therefore having different nutrient needs.
Still, there are some guidelines you can follow in order to make sure you are doing everything you can to nurture yourself.

  • Keep hunger pangs in control by having a fruit or a healthy snack – oats/cornflakes.
  • Eat slowly and chew properly.
  • No television, no phone-calls during meal.
  • Keep the portion size small.
  • Opt for a clear soup or salad.
  • Opt for lemon juice instead of soft drinks/milkshakes/coconut water.
  • Prefer boiled rice.
  • Choose fruit based desserts.
  • Remember – don’t skip meals. To maintain your blood sugar level, eat frequent meals.


By following the above guidelines, you are taking care of your body by providing it the nutrients it needs. The above guide can be followed by anyone. But people with chronic illnesses usually need a different guide – one which can cure them of their illness.



0 – Tobacco

1 – Annual check-up

2 – Dental check-up in a year

3 – Months average blood sugar level (HBA1C)

4 – Pillars – 1) Healthy Diet

2) Regular Exercise

3) Medication

4) Diligent Monitoring

5 – Servings of vegetables and fruits

6 – Small meals

7 – Less than 7% of HBA1C




  • Salt less than 3 gram/day
  • Oil less than 10-15 ml/day
  • No ghee, no butter
  • No anger
  • Exercise




1 – Physical Activity: Cycling / walking / shopping for groceries /
playing with children

2 – Diet and Nutrition

3 – Variety – All groups of food

4 – High fibre food

5 – Low cholesterol food

6 – Less salt

7 – Emotional support

8 – Medical follow-up

9 – Self monitoring




  • Write a diary
  • Exercise everyday
  • Add variety to your workout
  • Limit carbohydrates intake
  • Don’t starve yourself – eat frequent meals
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Make sure that you are getting your required amount of proteins
  • Make sure you burn more calories than you gain




  • Eat fruits and vegetable regularly
  • Include whole grain every day
  • Maintain a level of physical activity that keeps you fit
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight
  • Keep total cholesterol and saturated fat low. A 2000 calorie diet. Healthy people should eat less than 300 mg cholesterol/day.
  • Eat a menu rich in soluble fibre (oats, bananas, oranges, carrot).
  • Include soya proteins.
  • Avoid food containing trans-fat. Trans fats are found in prepared fried food.
  • No curry.
  • Avoid sleep after meal.


Shiv-Naresh Sports Private

Published by : Kirti Bhardwaj

Shiv-Naresh Sports Private Limited is a Private fused on 28 December 1998. Established by Mr. R.K. Singh, Shiv Naresh Sports Pvt Ltd are one of the acclaimed producers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters with a broad exhibit of Travel Bags and Sports Shoes. It is named Non-govt organization and is enrolled at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The offered extend comprises of best grade Fancy Supporter, Boxing Kit and Sports Jacket. All offered items are composed under the bearing of our area specialists utilizing quality tried material and most recent innovation at very much prepared foundation unit. Chiefs of Shiv-Naresh Sports Private Limited are Deepak Singh, Ram Kripal Singh and Shiv Prakash Singh, and the CEO of the organization is Sourabh Puri.

The idea of the business is the assembling compose while the extra business incorporates sending out, wholesaling and retailing write. It is an extremely well known brand and the purpose for its prominence with sportspersons and groups is its 75-year-old executive and originator RK Singh, who has himself been a competitor. He recalls how he needed to go to Patiala to purchase the correct sort of shorts when he was youthful. This and other comparable encounters drove him to set up Shiv-Naresh. He conceived an astute methodology by specifically focusing on sportspersons since being a competitor himself he recognizes what precisely they need. Because of this system, his image is unmistakable now at both national games affiliations and neighborhood sports clubs and akharas.

The firm is named after his two children—Shiv and Naresh. The senior, Shiv, cares for advertising and deals, while Naresh is responsible for generation. He set up a little plant cum-shop in 1987 and till 1991, tasks were done from that point. At the point when request expanded, the manufacturing plant was moved to a bigger place at Samaypur Badli on the edges of Delhi. From that point forward, there was no thinking back for Shiv-Naresh as it turned into the go-to mark for competitors crosswise over wearing controls. Shiv-Naresh now gloats of five industrial facilities and a solid nearness on web based business sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Add up to yearly income of the organization is 100-500 crore with a fare level of 20%. Great Financial Position and TQM, and Large Production Capacity end up being the USP for the organization.

They have an advanced and completely coordinated foundation office which empowers them to fabricate astounding items in mass amount. Besides, this likewise encourages quality testing of movement packs and cricket dress running set, to ensure that they meet the business quality guidelines. Their main goal is to give premium quality travel sacks and cricket dress running set to the customers. They have constituted the working group with very qualified and experienced people. Aside from this, these items are likewise tried more than a few parameters to evade any error at the client end.

Release, Delivery, Burning and good timing for FAT LOSS

Blog By-Dr .Rohit Bahuguna – BFY Faculty

What are the right way to maximize fat loss for fat loss to occur, three things need to happen:

Release, Delivery and Burning

  • Fat cells must release This process is lipolysis.
  • Fat has to be delivered to the mitochondria via the bloodstream to be burned off. We’ll call this the delivery
  • Fat burning has to take place. This is lipid oxidation.

The truth is that most of us are not aware all three steps must occur. While lipolysis is the rate limiting factor (must occur for the other steps to take place) – just because fat gets released does not mean it gets burned. Fat can re-circulate and get re-stored.

Lipolysis: Release

Fat release from the cells is the first step required. Exercise is the main precursor for this. If your exercise habits do not match your goals, you could be wasting your valuable time and efforts.  Regardless of which type of exercise : jogging, weight lifting or HIIT, each accomplishes the first step.


Yes all three steps happen during your workouts. You shouldn’t care about fat burned during your workout – you care about the fat burned after.


Subcutaneous fat is the most difficult fat to remove. For us men – this is our love handles. For most women – it is your hips, butt and thighs. These are our outermost areas of the body which lends them to having the least blood flow. Our visceral fat that is deep in the belly is easy to get rid of because it is next to our blood stream. Fat is easily picked up and taken to get burned off. Since these subcutaneous fat areas are poorly perfused, they are more difficult to achieve fat loss. High intensity, short duration exercise is the best option to create blood flow to these areas.

Lipid Oxidation: Burning

It’s difficult to argue which phase is the most important as they are all required, but this is where we want to reap the benefits of our exercise efforts. There are a lot of hormones involved at this phase that dictate whether fat gets burned or circulated and restored. The fat must make it to the mitochondria (think of these as little energy factories) to get burned. Managing insulin is the single most important thing for fat loss.

Get your Meal Timing right:

Whether you are training for muscle gain or fat loss, meal timing is important. This is where most people get it wrong.

  • If your goal is to increase strength, then protein + carbs before and after your weight training workout are optimal. To make sure you get the most from your workout, you should eat carbohydrates beforehand. Post workout carbohydrates aid in muscle building and recovery.
  • If your goal is fat loss, eating immediately before or after your workout can be detrimental to your efforts.

Let’s look at the three steps for fat loss again: release, delivery and burning.

If you do an interval style workout, you’ve achieved release and delivery and you’re primed for burning. If you eat immediately after this workout, fat burning stops. Your body shifts to burning the energy from your post workout meal, not the fat released during your workout. In this case, some fat released in your workout gets circulated and restored.

The same can be said if you ate a large pre-workout meal before your metabolic workout. Your body will be using the pre-workout carbohydrates as fuel thus making it less likely to use stored body fat as fuel for your workout.

So what is the optimal method for fat burning?

I recommend a metabolic-type workout in a fasted state (no pre-workout meal). Your workout should have a high intensity level and should last no longer than 20-30 minutes. Here comes the most important part of the article. After the workout, keep moving for at least another 30 minutes to continue burning fat released during your workout. This could be walking on a treadmill or a leisure walk outdoors. It is critical you do the low-intensity movement post workout before you eat to ensure maximal fat burning.

To recap: Your training and meal timing should reflect your goals.

  • For muscle building: eat carbs + protein before and after your traditional strength training workout. Don’t over think timing. Have your meals within four hours of your session. An example would be pre-workout meal at 4 pm, gym at 5 pm, post-workout meal at 7:30 pm (all within four hour window).
  • For fat loss: train “fasted” (preferably not have eaten within 4-6 hours pre-workout). Perform a metabolic-type workout (high intensity, short duration). After your workout, get on a stationary bike and read, or take your dog for a walk. Do SOMETHING to keep moving for another >30 minutes before you eat.

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Blog by : Udarcis Duta


Nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. Saying that, the best possible example that comes to mind is that of Sangram Singh, alias Sanjeet Kumar Dangi. He is a well known celebrity today, not only in India but all over the world. He is a professional wrestler, a reality TV and Bollywood star, a motivational speaker and the brand ambassador of many social awareness campaigns. Hearing the name Sangram Singh, the first thing that comes to mind is that of a muscular, tall and strong, confident man. But who would have known that he was a premature child diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that had him confined to a wheelchair for 8 years during his childhood.

Born in a village in Rohtak, Haryana, his father was a retired army soldier while his mother was a simple homemaker. Diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 3, people laughed at his ambition of becoming a professional wrestler. But wheelchair bound Sangram was not ready to give up. Coming from a humble family, he underwent continuous therapy sessions at home with sheer grit and determination. His paralysis had never undaunted him into changing his ambition.

Sangram recalls, “I started very small; moving my feet, standing up, undergoing severe therapy sessions at home and finally entering the arena to fight. I have had a tough life, but I am proud that I fought my battle.”

Emerging triumphant from his battle against paralysis, Sangram joined the Delhi police and that is when his wrestling career started in 1999. He was awarded the title World’s Best Professional Wrestler by World Wrestling Professionals, after a match in South Africa in 2012 for his style, stamina and nature of wrestling. It was during this fight that he nearly died – his opponent was on him for 10 minutes and he nearly suffocated. He was named Brand Ambassador for the Wrestling Federation of India for 2014. Sangram went on to win the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship in July, 2015, after defeating Joe E. legend in the Last Man Standing fight in Port Elizabeth. Sangram was felicitated for his Commonwealth victory by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi himself in Delhi.

Sangram kept the Commonwealth belt in India in 2016 as well by defeating South African wrestler Ananzi and winning the title for the second time in March, 2016.

Winning the hearts of all Indians and making them proud, Sangram then shifted to his second goal in life – serving and giving back to the society. Sangram has been involved in social service and conducts various motivational talks for corporate companies. He motivates youngsters at schools and colleges by sharing his life journey, thus being a real life motivational coach. He is closely working with Maneka Gandhi for Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre and People For Animals (PFA) as their Brand Ambassador.

Inspired by his success story, the Indian Army chose him as a motivational speaker for the jawans.


Sangram Singh Foundation organized the 1st Wrestling Awards to felicitate and honor the forgotten heroes from wrestling who had won individual medals for India over the years on 16 September 2017 in New Delhi. We consider this a great initiative by the foundation headed by Sangram Singh who feels that it’s his time to give back to the games that gave him so much.

Sangram shared his fitness mantra with Actress Raveena Tandon on her television chat show Simply Baatein. Sangram also featured in Hrithik Roshan and Discovery India television show – HRX Heroes, depicting stories of real life heroes. He is also preparing himself for the role of Dara Singh in a Punjabi biopic.

The efforts made by Sangram Singh to promote wrestling as well as bring fame to India in the championship games are invaluable and of immense value and source of encouragement for the coming generations.

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Fame and Fitness is Anoop Singh Thakur

Anoop thakur

Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

Anoop Singh Thakur-Fame and Fitness that is what everyone dream of but this is not a gifted or to be a lucky thing. You don’t get fame easily the patience is the real key in it. Developing every skills of human life is what makes you immortal not just pay get your chance.

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And Fitness well it needs the time and dedication you can’t cheat yourself in this when you have a really big goal. Do not give up is the real and important part of it. Pushing your limits is the key. You can’t get fit in just one day, daily workout makes you fit. Discipline is the key here. Your daily habits will change and your mind will develop as well and will develop your living style as well.

Thakur Anoop Singh is pure example of fitness and fame. Anoop Singh Thakur was born on 23 March 1990, Mumbai, India. He was pilot before entering into fame industry or you can say in media industry. He is known for his role in Mahabharata as Dhhritrashtra. Mahabharata was itself epic and made many artist famous later on and he was one of them. He is a fitness lover and fitness icon as well. In 2015 his dedication and hard work pays of for him by Winning World’s Best Body Building Championship. After that he started getting many offers in film industry. Cause of his eye catching physique he is demanded by action films and he have athletic ability as well which adds a little advantage of selecting him for action roles.

You can’t get famous in just one day he purely shown the example of what patience can do. Some just give up when they see that they are not getting results but giving up is never the option of life. You want something then work for it don’t just dream for it or ask for it why I am not getting. Some sacrifices their dream by leaving it for other but they don’t understand that the spot there is of yours not of him they realize it later.

Thakur Anoop Singh now enjoying his life and motivating many fitness lovers. He is icon now and inspiration for many.

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Blog by : Riya Rathore

Anilda Thomas is born 6 May 1993 she is an Indian sprinter who specializes in the 400 meters event. She is who hails from Kerala, competes in the 400 meters women’s events. She made her Olympic dream come true by clocking a personal best of 52.40 seconds at the third Indian Grand Prix , back in April 2016. Her impressive form over the last few months sealed a spot in the women’s 4×400 meters relay event. Anilda was also given the fastest runner’s tag in the women’s 400 meters event. The quarter miler’s journey, however, wasn’t that easy one. Just before her successful stint in April, she received a threatening mail from the Athletics Federation of India and the National coach, urging her to join the National camp. Around 350 athletes will be competing in the two-day event which will also be the trials to select the state team for the 57th National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championship scheduled to be held at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh from July 15 to 18.In the previous edition held at Hyderabad, Kerala were the overall champions. This time the Guntur edition will also provide an opportunity to athletes to qualify for the IAAF World Championship to be held at London from August 4 to 13. Ernakulam are the reigning champions and will be represented by 49 athletes and will face stiff challenege from Palakkad who are here with largest contingent of 58 athletes In 200m     the time is 24.04  in venue Moodbidri (IND) , In  400m the time is 52.40 in venue New Delhi (IND In 400m  56.in venue Hangzhou (CHN) In 4x400m the time is 3:27.88 . in Bangalore (IND). quartermiler Anilda Thomas received a series of emails from the Athletics Federation of India and the national coach threatening her. They said that if she did not report at the National camp, she would not be allowed to compete in National and international meets. The Kerala athlete, the National Games champion, had been the country’s fastest 400m runner for a good part of last season but with Ukrainian Yuri Ogorodnik returning as the coach of the women’s 4x400m relay runners, she was not keen on joining the camp. Ogorodnik was the coach of the relay team when the country’s biggest doping scandal broke out in 2011six relay runners were suspended for two years then after they failed dope tests and with Yuri Ogorodnik returning to the country last year, Anilda had a good reason to be worried about going to the National camp.

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Body Shaming – Shame the Shamers

Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, Being defeated is optional.”

Roger Crawford

Do you know Body Shaming is a lethal weapon that antagonists use to attack your confidence? Do you know that behind their acerbic remarks there lies a truth about you? Do you know that you get affected by those cruel words because you too have always been wanting to change yourself? Do you know by shaming you all your hater is doing is bringing forward your weakness to break you? Do you know you have the power to disarm them? Do you know you  have the power to slay them?

Why have you been living so comfortably with your weaknesses? Are you really weak or you have been procrastinating incessantly for so long that you have reached close to the tipping point?

Take the wake up call NOW!!

Listen to the criticism really carefully and turn the tables on your critics. Make them regret the day they criticized you. Transform yourself from bad to badass. Slay your shamers. Remember you can correct almost every flaw you have. And what you cannot correct you can counteract. A person in general has to have self presentation sense. Go build it.

It‘s not about fighting contempt. It’s about building dignity for life. Lifting up your image, your self esteem. There is nothing that is perfect. But there definitely is a perfect that is perfect for you. Discover it, Uncover it. Live your life with greater respect. Learn to change your weaknesses into your strengths. Empower yourself. When you successfully answer one mouth you end up shutting several mouths that haven’t yet blatantly criticized you.

It’s not what you are gifted with and what imperfections you have. It’s about  how you work to complement your good and bad and present yourself. There are people who inspite of several flaws carry themselves so well that they can give tough competition to the most gifted beauties. Healthy body, glowing skin, right clothing sense, appropriate hairstyle, social etiquettes, personal hygiene, cleanliness etc. there are multitudinous things that you can consider to enhance your personality. Accentuating your goods many times help you cover your imperfections. Sometimes wearing your imperfections confidently make you look beautiful. Ways of fixing a flaw is in everyone’s reach. Go work on it. Live your life. A person who presents himself well always has a dominant position.

There are protests by social reform groups, individuals and media against body shaming which is quite right. It can attenuate the ignominy insensitive people bring to society but cannot completely eradicate it. You think nonsensical people will ever stop, understand or ever be considerate? The bully is fueled by the contempt you feel and show. But once they see that bullying is actually motivating you towards change, improvement and empowerment believe me they will ricochet.

So if criticism affects you and you want to change then use it to fuel the passion to drive you towards transformation. The disparaging words from insensitive people have been the motivation behind building great bodies and great personalities. The disgrace contemptuous remarks bring forth have the power to break you or make you. What you get depends on how you react.

If u do not want to bring any change and feel comfortable with your body then there isn’t any need to pay heed to the filthy mouths. But one thing that has to be considered above all others is that choosing to live with disgust and kill yourselves from within should never be an option. It’s your responsibility to safeguard your sanctity in every situation. If you like yourself the way u r then live with pride. In this case tit for tat will work best for you. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses. Watch your antagonist’s flaw. Retort and move on. It is your responsibility towards humanity to give the menace the taste of his own medicine.

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Hiriyur Manjunath jyothi is born 01/07/1983 . 100m, event of 4 x 100m Relay is playing by her. Her  father Manjunath and mother Tippamma. They are very support to jyothi . Her husband, S Srinivas, is a former athlete and medal list at international level. The coach of Jyothi is PT Usha . she is famous by HM Jyothi . In 2014 women 4 x 100m Relay Final she is on 6 rank with time 44.91. Mr. Manjunath Sold the pieces of land and ornaments to help jyothi in the train of race.  According to the IAAF, a relay team can qualify in two ways — finish among the first-eight teams at the IAAF World Relay Championships held in Bahamas 2015 or be invited by the IAAF as the best ranked teams to fill the remaining quota places by event according to IAAF World Ranking The Indian 4x100m women’s relay team broke the 18-year-old National record to finish in 4th position at the IAAF World Challenge The Indian team ran with Merlin starting the race with Jyoti running the second followed by the Srabani with Dutee running the anchor leg.In 2009 Asian Athletics Championships was held at the Gungdong Olympic Stadium on November 10-11. Jyothi Hiriyur Manjunath narrowly missed the silver in almost photo-finish in 45.25 behind gold medallists England (44.19) and silver Ghana (45.24).

An agrarian by occupation, Mr. Manjunath, a father of five, is a native of Hiriyur taluk. Ms. Jyoti is his second daughter.A glance at the large number of medals she won in various events explains her passion for athletics.“As there is no place in our house to display these medals, we have kept them in boxes,” says Tippamma, Jyoti’s mother, while displaying the medals kept in a carton. Mr. Manjunath, who now lives in a rented house, has an air of pride about him when he narrates the achievements of his daughter.“She was a sports enthusiast right from childhood. I kept encouraging her in every way I could,” he says.Mr. Manjunath leased out his house for Rs. 1.50 lakh to send his daughter to Ukraine for training before taking part in the Commonwealth Games. Asked if he got any financial aid from the authorities concerned or the Government, Mr. Manjunath says that most of the elected representatives promised funds and a site, but none of them kept their word. In the women’s 100m Jyothi Hiriyur Manjunath made it to the semifinals,clocking 12.04 in the heats.

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Anuradha Thokchom is born on February 2 1989 at toubal Manipur. She is from  village family. The sibling elder brother and sister. Their family engaged in cultivation for survival. Her elder is also sportsman palying football as a goalkeeper and was popular in village level. She has the strong background of sport . Anuradha who started with football player. She is the women in the hockey team of India. She has a keen interest in the game of football. After playing Football for some years, Anuradha started playing Hockey under Toubul Youth Club. But, buying hockey stick and other equipments for playing hockey was a hurdle for her. But her interest as a player caught the attention of many people in her locality. People from her localities contributed themselves and bought hockey stick and other equipments for Anuradha. In the mean time, Anuradha could also finished her twelfth standard. She is presently employed as a clerk in the Railways. With the guidance of Bala from Imphal, Anuradha, by staying at the residence of Bala, admitted to Posterior Hockey Academy Manipur (PHAM) and begin playing to becomes a professional hockey player. She was trained under coach Chandikumar, Romesh and (late) Herojit. After playing for a year under PHAM, Anuradha was selected to SAI Gujarat in 2002. But very soon Anuradha left SAI Gujarat and joined PHAM again. Anuradha then participated in National level championships representing Manipur. This performance gave Anuradha the opportunity to show her talents. After many stints and performances at the national level, Anuradha played for India at the Women’s Asia Cup held at Japan from July 20 to 25 in 2006. This was her first International level performance. She was adjusted Best Player as she showed her techniques and skill as a forward in the championships.

Anuradha Thokchom is part of this piece of history. Achieving a berth at Rio was no mean feat for this talented hockey player who hails from a tiny hilly area called Toubul in Manipur, a state that has produced great athletes such as Mary Kom, but no hockey player of international repute. Her father, a farmer in her village, supported all her sporting activities. She plays forward and is known mainly for her agility. The team can also count on her rich experience – she has played more than 80 international matches.

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