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Blog By – Dr Rohit – BFY Faculty

Kickboxing Fitness combines and modifies martial arts and boxing techniques and movements into a sound workout. There are many aspects of health and fitness that can potentially be improved through this method of training. Cardiovascular endurance & strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility can be improved, depending on the training stimulus utilized. Muscular strength and power can also be enhanced by including training activities and/or methods that specifically promote improvement in those particular fitness components. As skill and fitness levels improve, the physical stress placed on the body can be gradually and progressively increased to establish an environment of continuous improvement.

Kickboxing Fitness trainer course is primarily focused on providing safe and effective exercise activities for participants. It is a fitness certification program that utilizes techniques, movements and combinations of movements from boxing, karate, kickboxing, and self-defence training.

Safety and effectiveness are two important considerations when teaching or leading fitness classes utilizing martial art /boxing movements and techniques.

Kickboxing is typically a competitive (combat) contact sports requiring quick, powerful ,and explosive movements intended to contact an opponents body. But here kickboxing fitness is an activity intended to enhance an individuals health status and conditioning levels and also promotes physical ,emotional, mental well being.

Program Development 

There are different ways to structure or develop kickboxing fitness certification classes. The potential options for program structure and class formats could include any of the following :

Program Structure – Skill/Conditioning Breakdown.

Orientation Classes – To market effectively, advertised as a teaching class, not a workout. This is also an opportune time for beginning instructors to hone their knowledge and skills. Recommend 30 minute duration. Class length and class description should alleviate possible intimidation of potentially new, deconditioned members.

Beginner –for novice low intensity level ,single movements gradually grouped into single movement combination,class duration should be of 30-45 min .

Intermediate—it is actually a phase of skill and conditioningintensities of movements are slightly higher and new pattern ,techniques ,drills,are  introduced.recommended duration is 45-60 min.

Advancedintensities of techniques and drills ,combination are further increased.recommended 60-75 min.

Benefits of kickboxing

Physical benefits

Cardio vascular conditioning : It can be achived by the repetitive  performance of physical movements .Aerobic and anaerobic workouts can be performed in different training formats including circuit,interval or group training.

An aerobic workout utilizes large muscles groups in rhythmic, continous movements in order to elevate the heart rate(50-85%) for specified period of time.

An anaerobic workout is performed in an interval workout format, with work /rest periods determined by fitness levels of the participants and specific program goals. The main energy system used are phosphogen system and anaerobic glycol sis.

Muscular conditioning

Kickboxing technique movement pattern can be considered more functional than other traditional exercise .muscle endurance improves, as there are repetitive movements .if muscular strength and power is a goal ,specific strength training activities must be incorporated into the class format like plyometrics and other calisthenics exercises(punching bag and medicine ball).


The variety of movements, which occurs at many joints together at different joint angles, which places dynamic and ballistic stretches on muscles and connectives tissues through full range of motion.

Physical coordination

Improved physical co-ordination is a direct result of learning the specific movements and combination of movements associated with kickboxing fitness workout .It also improve hand to eye and hand to leg co-ordination.

Psychological benefits

Emotional benefits

A person can develop confidence and discipline by starting ,maintaining and experiencing the physical results of an exercise also increase self reliance and and self esteem.

Stress relief

As you use puncing and kicking in a contructive manner not in rage or anger it also induces relaxtion and mental and physical level ,therby relieving stress.


Some extra benefits are

1.Can be used as a new method of cross training.

2.Development of awareness of physical capabilities  (reactivity,agility,quikness,speed).

3.Can be used as a base of self defense .

Starting position / Stance

Starting position should always be safe and stable ,it must provide the greatest possible balance point from which kickboxing movements can begin.There are two main starting positions :



It provides good lateral balance but minimal front to back balance.

It places high torque and shear stresses to be placed on lower spine ,hip,knee,and ankle joint specially while performing cross punches.


It provide a good combination of lateral and front to back balance which is easy to maintain because feet are never positioned in one line .It gives real competitive look for to the participant which is good for the psychology of workout as it increase confidence and also increase spatial orientation and awareness.


It is one of the most important movements , relative to safety and effectiveness, in a kickboxing workout. Pivoting is performed by with body weight distributed as evenly as possible on both feet and forward on the balls of both feet.



This movement is similar to lunge  and starts from the fighter’s stance .It can be done stationary or with a slight step forward by the leading leg, as it is executed  by flexing both knees in order to lower the upper body.


This movement is a bit more difficult to perform safely than BOB,as it involves greater rotation at the hips /shoulder as well as some necessary pivoting of the feet. Visualize the head drawing the letter U in the air. Maintaining the spinal column in neutral alignment throughout the movement.

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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Starting A Career In Fitness

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Health and fitness have become so widespread for the last two decades that it has branched out into many categories. There is no one way to keep fit, and people have a wide range of choices to choose from, based on what they like and enjoy. From a time and era where fitness was all about muscularity and heavy lifting, it surely has come a long way. One of the reasons this industry is going to be on an evergreen phase is because of the demand it has. If you are looking to take up fitness professionally, here’s your ultimate guide.

1) Basic Experience Of Working Out At A Gym

No matter what certification you choose to do, it will all sound like Greek and Latin if you have no gym experience. Being a gym rat for a few years will surely add to your benefit as the experience one gains on the gym floor will contribute to your learning. Not all certifications teach form and technique and even if they do, there’s no guarantee a 6-month long program will make you a pro at lifting weights. Having decent experience as a gym rat will add a lot of confidence and knowledge while pursuing your certification.

2) Personal Trainer Foundation Course

Now that you have the basic gym experience or have been workout out for a few years, it would make sense to pursue a certification program. The basic of them all is the personal trainer foundation course. This is where you learn about muscles that you never knew existed. Knowing the origin and insertion of muscles will help you under physiology better. Understanding joint actions of muscles will help you choose one exercise over the other. You will also about the energy systems of the body and how the body produces energy. An introduction to fat loss and muscle gain will give you the basic understanding so as to be able to guide a client who may have such goals. This type, of course, will land you an entry-level personal trainer job, which will help you kick-start your career.

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3) Master Trainer Certification

A master trainer certification is a level higher than a basic personal trainer course. This course is usually for a much longer period of time and is very intense. From the basics that were taught at a foundation course, you now get into the indebt of things. This type of course also focuses on form and technique; it makes you a master and gives you the confidence to teach the technique to clients. The right verbal cues to use while encouraging a client while he is training is very important.

Specialized Courses

1) Kettlebell Certification

Sometimes if you need to set yourself apart from other trainers, you need to have a set of skills which are unique and rare. One such certification is a Kettlebell certification. A widely played sport in Russia and practiced by cross-fitters all over the world, Kettlebell is a unique tool for conditioning and building stamina and strength. The beauty of this is that you can get a fantastic workout in a short period of time. Hence such specializations will set you apart from other professionals and take you a long way.

2) TRX Certification

The TRX is not the name of the equipment, but the name of the company that manufactures those suspension straps. The TRX stands for nothing, except that it has an interesting history of its origin. The US marines decided to invent this so that they could be fit and keep exercising anywhere due to the convenience involved. The beauty of this equipment is that this endurance tool can be used to train any body part using the resistance of gravity and the whole body without using any additional external weight but just the body weight. This form of training too has progressions and regressions and is fit for anyone to do.

3) Special Population

Not everyone can be trained the same way because not everyone is the same. There are certain segments of the society that come from special populations. Take senior citizens for example. The rules of the game also change while training a specially challenged people. Certain care must be taken while training people who require special attention. The risks are also high and training such people needs certain formal training as anything can happen at any time and a proper presence of mind is required by the trainer.

4) Prenatal And Post Natal Training

No longer do women give pregnancy as an excuse for putting on weight or missing out on their workouts. Women are highly motivated and challenge men in the gym every day. The prenatal and post natal courses are a set of specialized courses that enable you to be certified to train women who are pregnant as well as women who have recently delivered. Again, as motivated as they are to train, certain care should be taken while they workout. There are many exercises that may need to be avoided and at the same time, lots of additional exercises that would contribute to them. Understanding the different phases of pregnancy will ensure that you do not risk anything while training such people. At the same time, women who have delivered are generally physically weak and need to regain their strength. Women tend to be hypermobile in the joints during this time and their core weaker.

5) Cross Fit Certification

Cross fit training is a fantastic way to keep fit. Although this sport has gained a lot of respect, there are lots of professionals who have made their own bastardized versions of this style of training and spoilt its name. A basic knowledge of exercise is required before one gets into cross fit. Understanding the philosophy and concept behind its program designing is very crucial. A certification will help you with that.

6) Sport Nutrition

No fitness certification is complete without the understanding of nutrition. As many benefits as exercises provide, nutrition plays a huge role in changing the body composition. Sports nutrition deals with the nutritional requirements of an exercising individual. It gives you an understanding of how much macro nutrients and micronutrients are required to see a change in aesthetics and performance in a client. Diet counseling and creating tailor-made nutrition plans for your clients will help them speed up the process to reach their goals. You can also choose to be a sports nutritionist and solely focus on nutrition for clients.

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BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

smruthi radhakrishnan is born on 15 April 1992 in Thaliyil Kerala. Indian Women Smruthi Radhakrishnan added 3 assists, while Shireen Limaye led the team in rebounding pulling down 7 rebounds. India’s young and largely inexperienced side failed to maintain their composure on the big stage and turned the ball over a massive 33 times. Clearly, the team missed starting point guard, Kavita Akula, who was made unavailable for the event due to her college career starting in the U.S. The Indian women’s team came out on Day 4 of the 26th FIBA Asia Women’s Championship 2015 searching for their first win of the tournament. This was a likely possibility today as they geared up to face Thailand, a team ranked three places lower than India according to the FIBA world rankings released after the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Coming into this game, Thailand also lost their first three games against stronger opponents and was hungry for their first win. Her forays inside the ‘D’ proved to be costly for the South Western Railway side as they committed a number of fouls earlier on and then looked to avoid reaching the dreaded five personal fouls and the fifth team foul in the quarter.

Another impressive performer for Maharashtra was their captain Manisha Dange. Her ability to shoot from outside the three-point perimeter, helped take her personal tally to 17 points in the game. The home side dominated the game from the first jump-ball itself, leading 17-10 in the first quarter. Both sides increased the tempo in the second quarter with Maharashtra scoring 20 points and South Western Railway 14, thus the lead the former had over the latter increased to 13 points with the half-time score at 37-24.The second-half began with the South Western Railway counterattacking the home team and enjoying some dominance. But the spirited fight back did not last too long as Radhakrishnan re-established the distance between the two sides. At the end of the third period, the scores were 54-42, with South Western Railway cutting Maharashtra’s lead by just one point. There were no twists and turns in the game’s final quarter and the leading side scored 18 more points, conceding only 14 .

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BFY provides training for Personal Trainers and courses in Sports nutrition and Diet in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Dehradun, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon.

BFY also provides Placements Services in India.

Fitness for College Students

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

College students, especially online college students, have packed schedules. Classes, employment, and family or social obligations quickly fill up your calendar. It seems cruel to add another obligation to the list, but here’s one to consider: exercise. Scientific evidence is piling up that shows regular exercise provides important cognitive benefits that could make your scholarly efforts a little less taxing.
Exercise Stimulates Brain Cell Development
Recent human and animal studies show that regular aerobic exercise has profound effects on the brain. A recent New York Times article, “How Exercise Could Lead To A Better Brain” , describes experiments performed on mice at the University of Illinois. Mice who ran regularly on a wheel had more neurons—brain cells—than those who did not.
Also, mice who ran regularly had more complex connections between neurons, meaning they were able to access their brain cells more flexibly. Finally, the mice who ran regularly did better on cognitive tests, such as completing a maze. There’s evidence that this direct relationship also exists in humans.
Exercise Improves Memory Retention
The hippocampus is a structure in the brain that controls the formation, retention, and recall of memories. In most adults, the hippocampus starts to shrink slightly starting in the late 20s, leading to memory loss over time. Evidence from a 2011 study, recounted in the New York Times article mentioned above, shows that exercise prevents this shrinkage and may even promote regrowth.
A group of senior citizens were randomly assigned to a stretching program or a walking program for a year. After the year was over, the stretching group’s brains were scanned, and their hippocampuses had shrunken according to normal expectations. In the walking group, however, the hippocampus had grown. For college students, the implication is clear: regular exercise could benefit the parts of your brain that help you recall information.
Exercise Increases Focus and Concentration
In 2009, a Canadian school for learning-disabled and ADHD children took part in an experiment that involved having students exercise for 20 minutes on treadmills or exercise bikes before starting their math class. Teachers noted a marked improvement in students’ ability to concentrate, participate, and retain information during the class after they had exercised. Inappropriate behavior also improved in the group that exercised.
Additional experiments of this type, such as those taking place at Naperville Central High near Chicago, IL, suggest that three 20-minute sessions a week is the minimum dose needed to reap the concentration-enhancing benefits of exercise.

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi