The Fillip – Gurubani Judge

Blog By : Ipsa Singh

“We all have a WONDER WOMAN inside us.“

Gurubani Judge, customarily known as Bani J, is a popular video jokey (VJ). This can surely be her formal introduction in terms of her profession, but she is that magnificent lady whose actions and hard work cannot be summed up into mere words, who strives to be perfect in every walk of life she decides to step in.

This magnificent female has been setting goals for all the people out there, irrespective of their gender. She has proved that gender is just another word which people have been using as weapons to turn down the competition coming up from women.  VJ Bani stands upright amidst the society with her head held high after breaking free from the stereotypes that were imposed on her just like they are imposed on any other girl in this country. She has not only taken up the activities that the society thinks is out of the female forte but also is been excelling in them like a Pro.

VJ Bani was born on 29th November,1987 in Chandigarh. She comes from a very common background just like the most of us, and pops up with a question, “why not us, if she can ? “ Her father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Over everything she also holds a degree in graphic designing, which defines that she is an individual who is ready to take up any battle, be it acting, fitness, anchoring, and what not.

She first time appeared on t.v. in 2006 at the age of 20, for the auditions of the youth popular show Roadies season 4 and glorified as the runner-up, through which she landed being the co-host of the show for the next 6 seasons along with Ranvijay Singh on MTV. Bani then took to acting, she has done several mvies if different genres like Punjabi, Bollywood, Telegu. Then she did more reality t.v. shows all from different fortes, she participated in Bigg boss, Khatron ke khiladi etc.  She gave a song Raat jashan di, which instantly became a hit.

She has always been inspiring people around with her style in different respects be it her out-spoken nature, her fitness habits or her tattoos. Something she has always been in buzz because of is surely her tattoos that appeal a lot of teenagers. Her actions are so loud and clear that they anyhow catch attention for good reasons and elevate her to the level where she stands now.

Bani swears by a few conjectures and believe that they can be key to any stressing situation

  1. Do not give others the benefit of modifying you : She believes that the world in which we live is full of humans who will judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter how much you stay in line and abide by their so called “ CUSTOMS “, she says when anyway you have to face it,then why change yourself for them, do what feels right to you, learn to satisfy your self without staking someone else’s freedom.
  2. Fight for what YOU think is right : “stay clear with your thoughts and surmises, don’t let the people tell you otherwise.” Every individual fights his/her own battle, until you take a stand for yourself, you’ll always be looked upon as someone to have petty on and not someone to admire. If you feel something that’s happening with you is incorrect, get up and fight.

“A girl should be two things, WHO and WHAT she wants.”


BLOG BY-Pooja Seth

She has broken all the stereotypes which every girl is supposed to follow!From covering her body with tattoos and building a muscular frame.Bani J is a star.Her journey from a lean and a slim girl to a bold and a superfit muscular woman is remarkable and is no cake walk.
Bani J’s workout is the key to her fitness and body to die for. She is never hesitant to lift weights which is considered a taboo in our society.She is very strict with her diet and not at all a perky eater.She does a variety of gym training and has 6 major things for her meals.For greens in her diet, she relies on broccoli, beans, zucchini, and asparagus. The main sources of carbohydrates in her diet remain sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats and for proteins, she relies on eggs, chicken and fish.
What may seem like a dream body is a result of a very strict and dedicated lifestyle,she is very regular with her workout and has made her name in the world for her fit frame.She has become a diva for every girl who is put down for society.
Some of the important tips that she shares are:
1.Water: She feels that being hydrated is very important.
2.Caffeine:She drinks 2 cups of coffee every day.according to her it helps boost metabolism.
3.Oats: She loves oats and believe that they are very important for weight control.
4.Protein:. She prefers taking a protein rich diet and for that consumes fish, chicken, and eggs. For vegetarians, she suggests tofu and paneer as the best sources of protein.
5.Carbohydrates: Bani J does not believe in going on no carb diet for a fitter body. Instead, she states that carbs are essential for a fit body and she cannot imagine her diet without a daily dose of carbs in the form of sweet potato, brown rice, and oats.

All these are very essential for a fit body and bani j is an example for everyone that if you put your heart and mind into something,no one can stop you achieve that.
She has worked very hard and made fitness as a part of life.We commend her for her sheer hard work and can only say that ;you go girl !