“Karma doesn’t come back every time. Sometimes it is passed on. We do that in our training family and in general in life”- Abhishek Sehgal

Blog by: Rohan Joshi

On the left- 105 kg
On the right- 85 kg

He would walk 12-15kms in the sweltering heat of Delhi during his college days. Changing cities never created an iota of tension in his life. He is a corporate with work experience in several software and telecom companies and big conglomerates. Most importantly, a regular gym enthusiast, basketball player, and now a trail and road runner, Abhishek Sehgal- the name spells out grit, determination and zeal to work non-stop.
Mr. Sehgal, a family man, with a 5 year old kid and an elegant wife, fulfils his family duties before venturing into his business routine every day.
His day begins with the break of dawn. He alternates between gym and running. “My struggle during my college days in Delhi have made me a mentally strong man. I would walk from Connaught Place to Kashmiri Gate or even further to Delhi University each day hunting for colleges which had admissions open. My parents never allowed me to spend money irresponsibly or even have exorbitant money. I would get 100 bucks and I would save that by walking 12-15kms each day,” he says during our telephonic interview. His weight dropped from 85+ kg to 60 kg in Delhi.
After college, he switched many careers. This started taking a toll on his body. Junk food, stress and other things were becoming detrimental to his health. He began gaining weight and inches again. He could see the difference in his body but he couln’t control it somehow. “I always knew I had muscle mass deep inside all the adipose tissues that were stacking up. One strict diet and regular gym could cut it down. One fine day, I gave up all vices and began working hard. Both mentally and physically.”
“According to me, the saying ‘mind is the master of the body’ is a hundred percent true. There were moments in the gym when I thought of giving up. Then my trainer would say one more rep. He would motivate me. I would end up doing it then,” he says.
On being asked about the need of professional trainers in a gym and else where, he responds by saying, “I was first trained in the gym by an instructor. After regular training, I picked up things and then started working out on my own. It takes time to learn the nuances while lifting heaving weights. I do heavy weight training. One bad pull or incorrect back posture and a person might get injured.”
“I see young enthusiastic people join the gym every New Year or season only to quit it in a few days’ time. This is not how it works. One needs to be disciplined. I get adequate sleep, eat healthy and workout every day. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
If there is traffic and the distance is less, he prefers running instead of waiting in his car. He loves nature and its offerings. “In my honest opinion, we need to go back in time and live organically. Chemical laden things have always been harmful. I prefer buying organic or fresh fruits and vegetables. I have stopped eating junk food. I treat my body well and it serves me well. It is a give and take relationship.”
“All of us are struggling in some way or the other. I am running and going to gym to keep myself fit for this hustling lifestyle. I had reached 105 kg recently but then with regular training I reduced to 90kg. I currently weigh 85 kg.” For a man of his wide stature, 85 kg and a lean waist seems to be a superhuman effort.
“Nothing is impossible in this world. I have learnt a lot from Kolkata Runners. KR is a fitness, running and wellness community in Kolkata. We don’t charge anybody anything. In my opinion, we should pass on our learnings as Karma doesn’t come back every time. Sometimes it is passed on. We do that in our big fitness family and in general in life”
His final words- “Your legs are strong but your mind is weak.” He had whispered this line during the first 100 km anniversary of this intern on the 7th of December 2017. Since then, we have never stopped.