Blog by: Neeraj.M

Edited by: Suryakant Tripathi

If you are a swimmer, you have to encounterd with cold weather and cold water also. What follows some guidelines for choosing cold weather swim gears plus some tips for training.

Cold weather drains body temperature in seconds, so go straight in to water from locker room and straight to a hot shower afterward.

Cold weather swimming require wearing a NEOPRENE swim cap and wetsuit. Wetsuit trap a thin layer of water in between you and neoprene, your body quickly warm up this water which keeps you warm. A fitted wetsuit should be tight enough and never have loose areas because this will negate the warm layer of water around your body by constantly letting in cold water. The main areas for bad fit are neck and hips so try to make a tailor custom made wetsuit.

Ear plugs also be used because of cold water draining in and out, ear canal causes dizziness and may be the one reason to lose body heat.

Webbed swim gloves must be there while swimming in cold water, it protects you from cold water as well as you get the benefit of resistant training while preserve hand dexterity.

The other gears which will help you are goggles, neoprene socks and neoprene hood.

Some training suggestions includes practice with your cold water gears inside first because it will help you get more comfortable with the gears.

Do a warm up, streches before going into water. Elevate your pulse by jumping for a minute or even take a jog.

Try to do Indoor training so you can manage the temperature of inside.

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