Sushil Kumar’s Diet and Fitness Regime

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

The only Indian to win back-to-back Olympic medals, Sushil Kumar did the country proud again at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow by beating Qamar Abbas of Pakistan in the 74kg Freestyle Wrestling Gold medal match in just 107 seconds! When it’s all said and done, Sushil Kumar will surely go down as the greatest wrestler to represent our nation. We take a peek at his diet and fitness regime:

His fitness mantra is simple: ‘Every day there should be an improvement.’ In the last few years, Kumar has transformed into a lean, mean machine and while he’s still strong, looks much more agile now.

According to an interview published in Men’s Health India, Sushil attributes his skills, strengths and success to his coaches. Interestingly, the wrestlers stay away from non-veg foods and instead get their protein from dal, almonds and buffalo milk. They also focus on hydration and make sure they get enough glucose and he also drinks a lot mausambi or lime juice. For wrestlers, it’s essential to have strong legs and core which is developed using elastic bands, football or circuit training.

His daily training regime, according to usually starts at 5 AM and starts with a 1.5 km run and post breakfast the focus is on training techniques till lunch around 12:30 PM. Then he takes a break which is followed by evening training from 6-8 PM and he usually hits the bed by 10 PM.

He also has a weekly training schedule which looks something like this:

Weekly Training Schedule

Monday: Morning – mat-work; evening – ground work including basketball/football/handball

Tuesday: Mat-work

Wednesday: Running and speed work

Thursday: Same as Monday with some gym time as well

Friday: Mat-work

Saturday: Cross-country running (10km)

Sunday: Rest day

Like we mentioned earlier, Sushil Kumar stays away from meat. He starts his day with a glass of juice and some almonds, which is followed by a breakfast of eggs, milk, bread and bananas. Lunch usually consists of paneer and green veggies and roti. Dinner is similar to lunch though sometimes it’s larger, which is understandable since he works out so much!


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