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If you’ve ever worked out or thought about weight loss (we sincerely hope you have), you may have wondered whether or not you need supplements. Truth be told, if you barely exercise or moderately workout (light cycling/walking/light swimming) you don’t really need major supplementation besides some multivitamins. This is to make sure you don’t suffer from any deficiencies.

If you’re more active and train harder than most, you need dietary supplements to meet the nutritional requirements that go with heavy training. Now this doesn’t mean you go all out at the supplement store. Actually you only need some basic products to boost performance.

MultiVitamin and MultiMineral
These are essential to meet daily vitamin and mineral requirements. People who lead active lifestyles need more nutrients than others. Repeated farming has depleted the soil of essential nutrients leaving the food we eat today less nutritious. Make sure you pick the right brand which gives you a balanced mix of the vitamins and minerals essential to your progress.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) – Omega 3
Omega 3s help in taking care of our essential fatty acid requirements, which are of utmost importance when it comes to proper functioning of the body. Omega 3s have been shown to aid muscle recovery, burning of fat and reduce muscle soreness. All three being key areas for people leading active lifestyles.

Protein is widely known as body building food. It plays a major role in the growth and development of our muscles. Deficiency of protein in an individual can directly hinder his/her growth and development. It is also very important during recovery after breaking down of muscles during exercise.

This very popular amino acid is a naturally occurring compound in the body stored in the muscles. However, there’s a set amount of creatine that our muscles can hold. Supplementing creatine allows the individual to store up to the muscle creatine threshold. It increases the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly and therefore improves performance.

Make sure to consult your doctor before you take supplements to ensure they are safe to take with your current health.

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