Stretching pitfalls


Blog By: Aishwarya Ghumekar

         Common stretching pitfalls:

       1.You stay in stretches for too long. You are not doing a disservice to your muscles by holding it for over two minutes. In the yin yoga practice, stretches are held for up to ten minutes or more. But for efficiency, recovery, and consistency, holding a stretch for one minute to ninety seconds is the most beneficial.

  1. You don’t stay in stretches long enough. We are all guilty of it. We say we stretch but really, we tried to touch our toes for about ten seconds and called it a day. Just as stretching for too long is inefficient, so is stretching for a short period of time.

  1. You warm up by doing static stretches. While the jury is still out on the scientific rationale of this, the fitness industry is realizing that dynamic stretches and movement prior to workouts optimizes performance, while static stretching post workout aids in recovery.

  1. You stretch when your body is not warm. Warm muscles are looser and more pliable, so make sure to elevate your body temperature for at least five minutes before you stretch.

  1. You stretch too far. This is how injuries occur. When you are cold and stretch too far too soon, or when you are really warm and continue to push farther in a stretch, you can easily pull or strain a muscle. Stretch only to the point to where you feel it, and not beyond your limit.

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