Starting a Sports Magazine

AS per the current trends in India, sporting industry has proved itself to be one of the most trending topics in India in the past few years. The craze of Indian people regarding various sports has increased manifolds. The newspapers have a particular section regarding sports which itself occupies at least two to three pages of the newspapers. This simply means that apart from watching sports on television, people are interested in reading about it. Moreover, general knowledge section in various examinations consists of questions regarding sports too! This itself proves that Indian sports industry has evolved over time.

What is a Sports Magazine?

A sports magazine is a magazine that is printed weekly, biweekly or monthly and contains information or articles regarding sports. It may also be printed for a specific number of times per year.


How to start you own Sports Magazine?

So, as discussed earlier, we know that having your own sports magazine is a great business idea. If you’re planning to star your own sports magazine, here are a few tips that will definitely help you out!

  1. Develop your plan Before starting a sports magazine or write even a single word, you should have a clear business plan. You should be able to define the concept of your magazine; you should know the topics or sports that you’ll cover what all topics in depth; you may go for a sport specific magazine or a general sports magazine. Moreover, you should be well aware of your primary audience, who you’re targeting; you should be to speak to your audience via your magazine, so they may further subscribe it.
    After this, you need to think about how your magazine will get funding. It is always hard to get funding in the initial stages but with time, you’ll definitely get funding. Funding comes from advertisements! Last but not the least; you should decide whether you wish your magazine to be available in online mode, a hard copy or both.
  2. Research Before starting your magazine, you need to put in efforts to view each and every sports magazine being published out there. This is so because if you want your business to thrive, you need to stand out of the queue! You need to know what all stuff is being already covered and in what manner, so you may plan your content to be friendlier, easier and more valuable as compared to other sports magazines out there.
  3. Reach out to people You need to reach out to different people in order to gain some knowledge in the field as well as get to know what the audience really loves. You may reach out to ordinary subscribers of other magazines in order to take their feedback and what all changes do they want, etc. or on the other hand, you may simply reach out to popular sports persons and take their advices, experiences and views.
  4. Build a Team If you wish to create a really successful and large business; you need to have a team with you. Moreover, magazines require a lot of work, which cannot be done single-handedly. So, you need team consisting of:-
    (i). Writers Magazines’ basic requirement is a good content, so you’ll need really good writers. You may keep fixed employees or hire freelancer in order to write for you. In each case, you should make clear to the writers about the kind of content you expect from them.
    (ii). Editor When your content writers submit your content, you need to have a set of eyes to look after the final work and decide whether to publish or not. The head editor ensures the consistence and quality of the articles by reinforcing your editorial standards. The editor also looks after the grammar, tone and reach of the article. If you’ve got a good editor in your team, your final magazine will be polished as well as cohesive.
    (iii). Sales Manager The primary goal of the sales manager is to attract advertisers to advertise in your magazine and pay your for it. Having a person to be in touch with the advertisers will help you build a good relationship with them. Advertisements are a great source of income too, so don’t forget to have a really good sales manager.
    (iv). Marketing Manager Your magazine needs to be marketed too! A marketing manager has the job to advertise your magazine to the fullest and reap results by making your magazine available in the right places.
    (v). Publishing ManagerA publishing manager is the one who takes care of how the magazine has to published, what is the cost per copy, what is the quality of the paper and other regarding the physical appearance of your magazine.
  5. Website (optional) Owning a website is completely optional, if you wish to incorporate soft copies or a few glimpses of each of your magazine online, you need to have a website. Hire a good web designer to create and manage the website.
  6. Fun or knowledge section You may add quizzes in your magazine, whose answers will be published in the next magazine. You may also add ‘do you know’ section in your magazine, where you enrich your readers with general knowledge regarding sports!


So, these were the points that you should keep in mind before publishing your first copy, here are a few things to keep in mind after you’ve published your first copy:-

  1. Be attentive towards feedback You should be really open towards the feedback of your readers. You should be open towards constructive feedback as it was your first time, you had your first experience, there are high chances that you made a mistake. Don’t feel awful about the feedbacks if they don’t turn out to be good, work on making other give you a really good feedback the next time.
  2. Keep track of everything You should keep track of what people liked and disliked about your magazine. The things they like, should be kept in the magazine and the ones they disliked, should be worked upon!