Sports Camp Organizer

We all are evident of the rapid growth of sports industry in India. Nowadays, parents have become more accepting and let children pursue their career in the field of sports. Moreover, the parents are ready to provide their children with good coaching in the sport, though not many of them like the idea of sending their kids daily to training Centers but sports camps are a big yes from the Indian parents.
The sports camps are not limited to only children but also other people, a number of local athletes and college students actively take part in it

What are Sports Camps?

Sports Camps are basically sports training classes being held for a particular period of time in a defined area. Sports camps charge you for the time they will provide you with the facilities they have to offer. The people enrolled in the sports camp are usually taught by a famous coach or an athlete of that sport. One may also see that a sports camp may have a number of sports; each supervised by a coach or athlete of that sport and has different timings for different sports. The sports camps are generally held in a school playground and during the summer or winter vacations; they may also be held during the vacations after the final examinations.

How to be a Sports Camp Organizer?

It is pretty simple to become a sports camp organizer. You just need to finalize a deal between a coach or athlete and a school playground or wherever you want to organize the camp. It is much simpler if you yourself own a sports academy or are a coach or athlete who takes classes. This is so because if you wish to organize a camp, you will not have to pay only to the school. So, basically, all it requires is ‘connections’.
Apart from this, the business is not the only one to depend on as it is seasonal; you need to have this as your side-business!


How to carry it out?

Well, carrying a sports camp successfully is a task that requires you to put in hard work and dedication. You cannot back off in the middle of the sports camp. If you have signed for it, you will have to complete it.

Here are some of the basic things that you should keep a check on if you’re into this business:-

  1. Always have help Two or even three people are always better and more effective than one! Always try to recruit people in the business with you, there are a number of things to be checked and taken care of, if you’re alone, it’ll be a really tough job. Moreover, if you can have help from an experienced coach or athlete in the sport, it will add wings to your camp.
    Apart from having help in the managerial department, if you have a big number of enrolments for the camp, you need to increase the number of coaches too!
  2. Secure a location This is the toughest part. You need to look all around the city for a place where the craze of the sport is great, is a developed area, is accessible and last but not the least; is available for the sports camp. Usually, the famous schools of the city are a great area to conduct sports camps.
  3. Create a Budget You need to create a budget for your sports camp and invest accordingly. You really want to earn profit and not lose your money. Never extend your limits beyond your sources!
  4. Secure Donations Asking for donations can also help you financially in setting up the camp and conducting it. Moreover, it’ll cut short your investment, thus you will be able to see a hike in your profit margin! Sports related or community related businesses are best to ask donations from. The local sports store and training arena may also donate you some money in exchange for advertisement.
  5. Set price and age limits You need to set price for the camp and the age limit. If you don’t wish to set the age limit, you may simply make numerous batches each containing people between a specific age ranges, as is directed by the coach you’re hiring. Setting the price for the sports camp is also a really important task. You need to set it in such a manner that the camp is affordable and you get a good amount of profit.
  6. Hire a famous coach or a successful role model You need to hire a coach in case you aren’t one. You may also hire a number of coaches if you expect a large number of registrations. You may also hire some really famous athletes or local athletes as coaches too; this way you’ll have to pay them much lesser as compared to a professional coach. On the other hand, if you are not sure, you may hire just one really good coach and if the number of enrolments is great, you may go to add one more coach to the camp.
  7. Take up registrationsYou need to advertise your camp. The school usually help you advertise the camp within their campus, if you wish some extra, you may distribute pamphlets about the camp, create social pages on social media, etc. where people can connect to you, get the details and enroll easily.
  8. Connect with your clients and feedback This is of uttermost importance in this business. You need to connect with your clients on a personal level. This is so because these are the ones interested in sports camps and those sports, if you’re a coach or have a sports academy, you may simply offer them some discount and ask them to join you; else you may simply connect to them when you organize your next sports camp. This will help you grow as a sports camp organizer. Feedback is the most important part, if you want to be successful. You need to ask your clients about their experience, what changes would they like and what other expectations do they have.