Six Celebrity Fitness Trainers you need to know about

Along with talent and good looks, another factor that makes our Bollywood celebrities so irresistible is their fit bodies. From Salman Khan to Hrithik Roshan, whoever comes on the screen shirtless, girls drool all over them. And then there are the Bollywood divas – from Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt, we cannot get enough of their curves.
But do we appreciate the real talent behind their fitness? Do we not want to know who is responsible for creating their perfect bodies? We do, obviously. We want to know everything about our favourite stars, most of all – because of whom do they stay this fit?
So today, we bring you six celebrity fitness trainers of your favourite Bollywood stars!

  1. Satyajit Chaurasia:

He is known for transforming Amir Khan and giving him those drool-worthy six-pack abs in Ghajini. He has a degree in health & fitness and an experience of more than 15 years training Bollywood celebrities. His gym is the famous “Barbarian Power Gym” where a lot of our favourite celebrities go to train their bodies and get a magical transformation. Other actors who have trained with Satyajit are Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Jayed Khan, Shahid Kapoor, and Ajay Devgan.

  1. Manish Advilkar:

This is the man behind the fitness of the Handsome Hunk of Bollywood: Salman Khan. Before Salman started working out by himself, Manish used to train him for approximately 6 years. He is the reason for Salman’s perfect physique even when the man has turned 50 years old. His body gets more love than his acting skills. Manish has numerous times commented that Salman’s passion towards fitness is truly amazing but Salman has also commented that he could not have learned it without Manish.

  1. Lloyd Stevens:

The hottest man in Bollywood is undoubtedly the sexy, talented and charming Ranveer Singh. Remember when he threw open his shirt in Ram Leela and our eyes bulged out? That moment will always be remembered, mainly because of his well-toned body. And for that, we have this man to thank. Lloyd Stevens is from London, and he has a truly inspirational story. He was a 35 year old overweight office worker who transformed himself into a celebrity fitness trainer. He had always been passionate about fitness and never wanted himself to have a flabby body. But being middle-aged turned out to be exactly that. However, he didn’t let himself be just another overweight tech specialist. He worked for what he believed in and today is one of the most successful fitness trainers in the world.

  1. Prashant Sawant:

Prashant Sawant is one of most famous personal celebrity trainers in Bollywood. He is known for SRK’s six pack abs in Om Shanti Om and eight pack abs in Happy New Year. We all were already in love with King Khan’s dimpled smile. But then Prashant Sawant gave us one more thing to be crazy about in SRK: his body. He trained SRK the technique of VIPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) for Jab Tak Hai Jaan as well. Another well-toned celebrity Sawant trained is Ajay Devgan, whose body has been proudly flaunted in Singham 1 & 2.

  1. Yasmin Karachiwala:

Yasmin, at 47 has been in the fitness industry for 22 years and is the most sought-after celebrity fitness trainer in Bollywood. She has her own fitness studio – Yasmin’s Body Image which was founded 12 years ago and has been successful ever since. The secret of her success is her talent, experience, and devotion. Deepika Padukone’s smoking body in Ram Leela was the product of Yasmin’s training. And remember the buzz about Katrina Kaif’s curves in Sheela Ki Jawani? Yes, we again have Yasmin to thank for that. Currently, she is training Alia Bhatt.

  1. Namrata Purohit:

Namrata is one of the most well-known names in India. The list of her achievements is unending. She co-founded The Pilates Studio with her father Samir Purohit. She was also the youngest trained Stott Pilates Instructor in the world at the age of 16. Then, by the age of 19, she had already completed all the courses on Stott Pilates. It doesn’t end even here! At the age of 21, she published her first book “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit”. Now, she is the official trainer for the Femina Miss India International pageants. The celebrities she has trained are Jacqueline Fernandez, Malaika Arora Khan and Shraddha Kapoor.