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Sinus is a cavity within a bone or other tissue. Most are commonly found in the bones of the face and connecting with the nasal cavities.

These sinus can go bad some days leading to sinus infection.Let’s discuss in detail regarding the sinus infection.

The problem isn’t the sinuses themselves. They’re just hollow air spaces within the bones between your eyes, behind your cheekbones, and in the forehead. They make mucus, which keep the inside of your nose moist. That, in turn, helps protect against dust, allergens, and pollutants.

That’s all normal. So what happened to yours?

The leading suspects are if the tissue in your nose is swollen from allergies, a cold, or something in the environment, it can block the sinus passages. Your sinuses can’t drain, and you may feel pain.

Types of Sinusitis

They include:

Acute. Cold-like symptoms such as a runny, stuffy nose and facial pain that start suddenly and don’t go away after 10 to 14 days. It usually lasts 4 weeks or less.

Sub acute. Sinus inflammation lasting 4 to 8 weeks.

Chronic. Inflammation symptoms that last 8 weeks or longer.

Recurrent. Several attacks within a year.


your doctor will consider your symptoms and give you a physical examination. He may feel and press your sinuses for tenderness, and tap your teeth to see if you have an inflamed paranasal sinus.You may also need other tests.

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