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How well are you keeping up with your shield guard?

Some of us appear to survive cool and influenza season with nary a sneeze. But bounty others appear to come down with a great many colds; sidelined with a ceaselessly stuffed-up nose and hacking hack that keeps going all winter. So what’s the difference between these two groups?

Find the answer below, by analysing if you are able to keep away with the following issues while making your immune system strong:

  • Drinking enough water is not your priority

Water helps your body to flush out toxins keeping your body hydrated and energised. Not drinking enough water is the common mistake we make without even realising it. Water may be a scarce source but inevitably vital for human body.


  • You carry those extra pounds

Excess weight has never helped nor will it ever. So obesity doesn’t only bring problems to your body but also to your immune system which can help eradicate them. So if you weigh more than you require to, it’s time for serious action. So break a leg and protect yourself.


  • Stress is never off your mind

Long term stress has the power to lower the response rate of your immune system, making it weak and letting in major health issues. So give yourself some time off the work. Because, “health is wealth”. If earning is important then, so is living.


  • Not having a good night’s rest

If you’re sleeping less than 8 hours a day, you’re welcoming major hindrances to your immune system. Let’s not forget that “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So adequate sleep is not an obligation but a necessity to keep yourself safe and sound in the long run.


  • Falling sick is no big deal to you

When you have to carry that kerchief around all the time to be able to sniff and cough, you already are in the weak immune zone. It calls for a early morning exercising, including those not-tasty-but-healthy veggies to your diet and getting good rest.


None other than you can protect your body and the one who’s in-charge of accompanying you to protect it (immune system). Take simple steps towards a healthy life.

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