” She is the fierce, tough, and fighting against patriarchy! ” Mamota Devi

Mamota is one of India’s first international bodybuilding champions. She has several national and international titles to her credit. She made the country proud in 2012 with a bronze medal at the World Body Building Championship at Bangkok. She also won a bronze medal at the Asian World Championship at Vietnam in 2013.
People think she always had this frame but the truth is she worked very hard to for this body.Earlier she used to work as a model but she wanted more from life.
Her decision to be a bodybuilder was not an easy one.She was inspired by her husband who is also a bodybuilder but her decision was not happily accepted by her parents who thought why their daughter wanted to become so manly.But her determination and will was so strong that eventually, everyone had to kneel.
The struggle to build her body just began.She knew that it was not easy and would require a lot of hard work and a good diet.She
needed supplements but the resources were not enough to fulfil this passion.But eventually, she got help from her sister-in-law and did a lot of hard work.She started toning her muscles, worked on her flexibility and other technical aspects of bodybuilding.
Every medal she earned paved path for her motivation every single day. She aspires to participate and win the Miss Olympia title, which is one of the highest accolades in the field of female bodybuilding.
It is not easy being a mother to 3 children and an international bodybuilder.But as it is said-“Where there is a will there is a way!”
The undying support from her husband and her sheer determination for bodybuilding has made her today what she is today.
The constant stares and the criticism do not deter this iron lady.She is an inspiration for everyone who is oppressed by patriarchy and wants to shine.
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Mamota Devi is shows that there is nothing you cant achieve with hardwork,passion and love of family.