Sham Singh: Shera


Blog by: Raj Kishan

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” Having diagnosed with polio at a young age, nobody would have given any chance to Mr. World Wheel Chair, Sham Singh, but little did they know that his mental foundation is rock solid, which would go on to construct an example of iron will.

With a staggering total of 12 gold medals to his name in competitions on both national and international level, Shera is a role model for each and every individual, particularly differently-abled people, who are aspiring to achieve a phenomenal physique. He has won Mr. India champion over ten times, he has been The North India champion thrice and he has also been the Punjab state champion multiple times! But his biggest feats are twice winning the IFBB World Championship gold medal (2011 and 2015).

Sham, popularly known as Shera,  Kila Naun village in Faridkot district, has brought many laurels to the country in general and Punjab in particular, has seen many difficulties in his life; from physical to financial. Polio hit him during early days of his life but Sham, who is popularly known as ‘Shera’ didn’t give up. He started exercising at the age of 15 to strengthen his week polio ridden leg. After extensive weight training, now he boasts of his left leg that is one his strengths. Now he is strong enough to walk without any clutches. Strong! Isn’t he?

In the era when the young and restless take steroids, Shera promotes healthy eating habits. “The human body is a temple and worshipping it is an art. You need to know what’s right for you. Before putting anything in your body you need to be sure of the quality of the supplements you take,” Shera says to guide youth to a right path. Sham, who is a non-vegetarian, includes eggs and bananas with milk for breakfast before he hits the gym. Like, any other bodybuilder he specifically focuses on post workout meals; chicken and mutton, being good sources of protein help. As for vegans he says, “Plenty of choices, from beans to pulses and rajma, boiled vegetables work wonders.” A combination of right diet and complimenting with exercises will never go waste.

An inspiration already, Sham works for NGO too. Sham hasn’t slowed down yet and wishes to achieve even greater heights. He plans to introduce his own fitness program. As for youngsters, he tries to help anyone and everyone he can regardless of any physical difficulties.

As much as I don’t want to use, ever so widely and repetitively used line, I think the tale of Shera, certainly asks us the question. What’s your excuse? What’s our excuse? When a person who faced such difficulties can carry such determination, can’t we work on the same path? Of course we can! Let’s salute the champion bodybuilder and promise to rise and shine! Let’s be winners!