Sapna Vyas Patel- #FitWomenSeries

Niyathi Rao

This Reebok certified fitness trainer cum weight loss expert once used to weigh around 86kgs when Sapna Vyas Patel was just 19. Within a span of a year, she turned into 53 Kgs all by following a healthy diet plan and exercises that include walking cum weight training. Since then there is no looking back for her, in fact, she chose to inspire and provide free guidance to others, struggling with weight loss issues, through the media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

“I was 86 kgs initially and then came down to 53 kgs in a year’s time. I lost 33 kgs. Even when I was fat I was very happy in my own skin. But, I was perceived more than my age and deep down somewhere it created a feeling of hurt. I didn’t like when once a stranger assumed me to be the mother of my niece and I was just 19. Such small incidences created the turmoil within. I chose not to accept the thing I could change.”
She has helped people get fit. Also she is a source of motivation for all youth to be responsible for the body.

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