Runners discover Mumbai in a new light with the Adidas Street Run

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Source: Sportskeeda

A city’s skyline, especially at night, is an excellent way of determining its ethos and socio-economic environment. If one takes a look at Mumbai’s skyline, it immediately reflects a premise that can be best described by two words – vast and lively. The capital of Maharashtra is a city that rarely sleeps and the Mumbai Night Run organized by apparel giant adidas during the wee hours of 5th February symbolised that aspect in the perfect manner.

The Street Run saw celebrities Karan Wahi, Karan Medappa and Luke Kenny come together with their squads to go on a completely instinctive 10 km run in three different regions of the city, which converged into the same destination – Carter Road Amphitheater. Aimed at promoting the concept of free running and showing that there is more to the city than what meets the eye, this run aptly conveyed the message that irrespective of the time and situation, you have to keep moving in Mumbai.

While Karan Wahi’s team started from Jogger’s Park, groups under Karan Medappa and Luke Kenny commenced the run from St. Michele Church and Taj Lands End, respectively. These squads did not have any specific directions or pre-defined routes, thereby they followed basic sense of routes and markers in their respective areas.

The adidas street run was organized for another important reason – the launch of the #PureBOOST shoes from the German manufacturer. These shoes have been specifically designed for street running and its aficionados, who love the sport beyond the usual.

Engineered and customized specifically to counter various aspects of an urban running route – potholes, roads, cemented surfaces and marble floors – #PureBOOST shoes are tailor-made for those who do not go to a park or a ground. Participants of the Mumbai Night Run got the chance to experience this engineering marvel and stunning piece of apparel.

Running as late as 3:00 AM symbolically signified the most important aspect of Mumbai – the city’s depth in unfathomable and it will continue to challenge you on a daily basis.

The 10 km-long run saw participants experience what it was like to run on an unconventional route, which required them to jump, duck and take leaps as well. It was an excellent way to discover a different side to a city these residents absolutely loved.

All three teams finished their run at the amphitheater located on Carter Road, which was followed by a photo session and breakfast. The energy and smiles on faces of participants showed the kind of exhilaration they experienced and how Mumbai, as a city, was possibly the liveliest in the country.