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RISHABH TELANG-Watching somebody with a perfect body and then getting motivated and applying for a yearlong membership at a gym – well, we all have done that. The gyms lure us in with the prospect of good discounts on yearlong memberships because they know half the members won’t be able to muster the enthusiasm to come daily and get their money’s worth. Although the self-conscious health freak consumers are showing a boom in the fitness industry, very few of these consumers show the tenacity of going to the gym regularly. As a result, the traditional notion of making yearlong memberships at the gym has become passé. And this is where Bengaluru-based Cult- The Workout Station comes into play.
The brainchild of Rishabh Telang, a Wipro consultant, the Cult gym is a startup enterprise that focuses on body fitness and regime without the use of any machinery or gym equipments. Cult provides a combined fitness program of martial arts, yoga and outdoor activities that have essence of fitness embedded in their core. Saying no to traditional gym equipments, the gym offers a boxing ring, jump ropes, boxing bags, tyres and hammers, speed chutes, resistance bands and plyometric boxes.
According to Rishabh – “Cult focuses on correct form and posture to avoid common workout injuries. We don’t recommend any supplements, powders or pills. We do, however, ask members to eat clean and follow a decent lifestyle that does not involve a strict diet. We make sure that we often take them out for running, cycling, and swimming or make them play a sport.”

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Like all others, Rishabh moved to India’s Silicon Valley eight years ago to work for an IT giant. After completing his MBA from Symbiosis, Rishabh joined Reckitt Benckiser’s sales and marketing division before turning consultant at Wipro. Travelling the world was a part of the job description for the 30-year-old Agra resident. He toured Finland, Germany, Netherlands, the US and trained at the pro-fitness centers there which specialized in martial arts or other forms of fighting techniques. Eventually he came to the realization that these types of workout forms would be an effective investment strategy in India. And thus, after a little soul searching convincing his brother-in-law to invest 50 lakhs, Rishabh started the Cult gym in May 2016. Impressed with the strengthening techniques that the Cult gym had adopted, within six months, Mukesh Bansal, Founder of Myntra, along with former senior executive of Flipkart Ankit Nagori, invested 3 million dollars for the expansion of Cult gym.
Each Cult center is around 5,000sqft and has natural light and air flow systems. No air conditioners can be spotted in any of the centers. On an average, Rs 50 lakh is spent on a centre. Rishabh plans to open three more centers in Bengaluru. Currently, there are two centers. The company will also expand across India and by mid-2018 will have around 20 centers across India.
Cult has around 10,000 members now and all of them are regular in attending sessions, claims Rishabh. All across urban India, work-life balance is a bit of a joke. But with growing awareness of the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle, young Indians are increasingly determined to incorporate some exercise into their daily routines. This is why people are turning to Cult gym because their innovative fitness techniques not only motivate them to work harder but also makes the otherwise strenuous activity of working out into a fun activity.
If you have something to look forward to every day in your fitness centre, the chances of missing out on your exercise sessions gets significantly reduced.” – Telang says.

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Know more about us at http://www.bfysportsnfitness.com 

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