BLOG BY : Riya Rathore

Rina Shah women polo professionals in India. The entrepreneur-turned-polo player is now primed with her own team. Rina says in one interview  if there’s anything she’s planned, it’s that when she turns 50, she wants to release a coffee table book on her journey. “Not to show how great I am… but there are a lot of people who have so much potential; I feel if they read about me, it could inspire them to say, ‘let’s try’. Maybe I won’t even know whose life I changed, but even if three people feel that ‘dude, if she can do it, I can too’, it will fulfil my purpose.” t some point in our lives, we’ve all wished we’d find a lamp with a genie inside. Then we could just ask the genie for whatever we’d want. Well, Rina is a lot like a genie, but one who has the power to fulfil her own wishes. All she has to do is desire for something, and she gets it. At least that’s how she makes it all sound. Easy peasy! From being India’s first shoe designer to now being the first woman in the country to own a polo team, the lady, Rina had always been into sports, she feels that polo was the sport for her as it was more in sync with her profession and personality. “Now that I think about it, my favourite brands are Ralph Lauren and Gucci, and both are horse-inspired and have equestrian themes. And when I took up horse riding, I, myself, got inspired to start my own line called Rinaldi Polo. So on some level, I think that it was already in me and when I started to go ahead with it, it all fell into place.” When talented fashion designer Rina Shah saw 10 men riding on horses playing polo for the first time, she wasn’t swept off her feet by one of those “knights in shining armour,” but instead, she wanted to be one of the “knights,” herself. The  Shoe designer Rina Shah had all odds stacked against her as polo was a sport dominated by men, many of whom had dedicated their lives to it. But that didn’t stop Rina from challenging the norm and going after her dream with immense passion.

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