Richest Footballer Cristano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Portugal

Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

Forbes listed the richest footballer of the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is not just the record breaker in football but he is record breaker in money maker as well. He is just not rich with money instead he is rich by heart as well. He got many fans all over the world which you can say is the real motivator and richest thing he got.

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He had faced many difficulties in his journey. When he was child he thrown the chair on his teacher for disrespecting him. Then He agreed with his mother to cease education to focus on football entirely. His father left him at very young age. You can say he is rich but he is poor because his father is not with him. In an interview he said “once I said to my father I will be millionaire” and his father replied “it is a big dream you can’t achieve” and now he says “ I have everything but not my father who I wanted to tell that I am millionaire but he is watching me from somewhere still I know”.

Ronaldo is true motivator and his parents as well they motivated him to achieve his goal and life passion. Many don’t get chance to achieve to focus their but his family set pure example of supporting your kid will make you big and every parents should support their child cause who knows that child will be Ronaldo or Tendulkar or Dhoni or McGregor or Usain bolt.

Just a little boost motivated him and now he is one of the fittest athlete all over the world and he have as well many big sports industries approach him to be sponsor or brand ambassador or influencer. Not just dreaming will make you big; your work will make you big just find what your real goal is.

Find your way to become successful , success means you will get unwanted thing as well which you don’t even dream so better focus on choosing the right path and work like Ronaldo specially for sportsman you should daily work until you get the real push of your life.

Be like Ronaldo or Become better than him it’s your choice who you want to be.

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