Qualities of a Professional Personal Trainer

Blog by: Manasi Joshi
Editor: Kartikeya Chaturvedi

I have seen many personal trainers (Specially Ladies PTs) counting the reps of every exercise the member performs. Is it necessary to do so? Do the members depend on you for counting their reps? Can’t a trainer just say ‘last five counts ‘ OR ‘ Give me two more counts’ for motivation and to give the clue as to the no of reps remaining. A professional PT must motivate, correct the form, give clues throughout reps and give support if needed and not just count it. Here are some basic qualities required in a Professional Personal Trainer


Personal trainers should be trained, and should be updating his knowledge regularly through updating their certificates, attending workshops conducted be recognized institute, reading, seeking advice from experts etc.


Communication Skills

PTs should be able to communicate properly with the member about their injuries, goal setting and all the other initial talk. They should have the coaching and cueing skills so that the member can understand them properly and be able to perform the exercise in correct form. They should also have a good listening capacity to understand the problems and show empathy towards the client. They should be discreet and should not talk about their member with others. Some clients also like their trainer to be friendly, but there should be a limit and remember to not cross the line.



To Start and End the session on time is very important. Once the session is started there should be a full focus on the exercising and there shouldn’t be chatting on any other topics. A personal trainer should have proper attire and look professional. The trainer should be responsible, well mannered and well groomed. Every training session should be planned well in advance.



Good motivating technique will help the client to perform better, and stay with the program for longer time. A PT should be in good shape and should have good technique and form. He/She should also keep on educating the client on fitness and nutrition, and about the new trends and discoveries happening in this industry.



The trainer should maintain the hygienic environment for the client and they should be aware about their personal hygiene.

The client looks at the personal trainer as his role model and tries to follow him consciously or unconsciously, therefore he/she should always check their attitude and behaviour not only in the training area but everywhere in the gym or nearby environment. The trainer should himself have healthy habits and should lead a disciplined life.

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