Promotion of health and fitness in Minority Communities

Blog by: Amisha Mayani

MINORITY – this word has different meanings for different people based on their perceptions. But what a most rational mind would think is – DEVELOPMENT. Minorities are those sections of the society which lag behind in most of the developmental aspects due to the negligence of society towards them. It is our duty to make them a part of inclusive development so that we as a nation are able to cope up with the adversities in a better manner and can sustain with unity despite of our diversities.

It is in the agenda of most of the countries to look after the minorities and they take steps for the same. But have we considered about the fact that we should first and foremost look after their health?

It is true that most of the minority sections have low educational levels and due to which the awareness amongst them is low. Also many a times, the area that they live in, are unhygienic and unclean leading them towards diseases.  Minority populations are especially physically less active and report having fewer opportunities and access to proper guidance and healthcare. The fitness levels in such sections of the society also remain low. Inadequate physical activity (PA) is a leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality. Health disparities in major illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, may be partially attributable to insufficient PA. The urgent need to increase minority adults’ PA to improve important health outcomes has prompted numerous primary studies testing not only interventions to increase PA but also how PA interventions affect health outcomes.

Once awareness is created and PA is increased, the health status is supposed to be better than before. For the sake of this, many institutes have carried out surveys and researches and the results turned out to be better than expected. Although there is a difficulty of getting these sections indulged in activities, but once done, the results are favourable. The results have been with respect to adherencebehavior therapyclinical trialcompliancecounsellingevaluationevaluation studyevidence-based medicinehealth care evaluationhealth behaviorhealth educationhealth promotioninterventionoutcome & process assessmentpatient educationprogram, program developmentprogram evaluationself caretreatment outcomevalidation study; PA in terms of: exerciseexertionexercise therapyphysical activityphysical fitnessphysical education & training.

There’s a concept of cumulative development which states that if the society is advancing, you are too. Ex. If you want higher education and no one in your vicinity is that level scholar, it is obvious that you will have to move out in search of an institution or a teacher to help you get your studies done but if many people around you have had that level of education, you will be getting a good guidance without leaving the place. In a similar fashion, if the society as a whole is healthy and fit, it is obvious that you will be fit too because you will have access to nutritious food around you and those people will motivate you to be healthy and fit as well.

By promoting the concept of health and fitness amongst minorities, we are indirectly helping ourselves. It will help us build a healthy nation.

Work hard, and make people around you do the same.