Professional fitness trainer Vesna Jacob

Blog by Harshada Wagh

With blonde hair and attractive features, you’d think it’d be distracting for her students to concentrate. But Vesna’s no-nonsense demeanour, passionate instructions and clipped Bosnian-English accent, has given her a reputation to reckon with. What few know is that her move to India was the result of an online love affair with her husband at a time when TCP/IP internet connectivity was all one had. (3G, 4G and dropped calls were all a dream!) Vesna had also been through a debilitating accident and used fitness and resolve to bounce back.

Despite being an Indian wife and a native non-Indian, Vesna went on to work in the fitness industry, create young trainers, launch gyms, train some major corporates, and now runs her own fitness studio in Delhi. In front of all she’s done, even the fact that she’s so pleasing on the eye seems pale in comparison.

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