Professional fitness trainer Rakesh Udiyar

Blog by Harshada Wagh

Born to a family of slum-dwellers and having lost his father at an early age, Rakesh picked up several odd jobs, including becoming a sweeper boy at a gym to make ends meet on his journey to becoming a top trainer. His initial inroads into personal training came after he successfully trained small time models and aspiring actors with whatever information he mustered up through observation and reading.

The knowledge he’s acquired, and the respect he’s earned over time, has seen him train numerous celebrities, including Arbaaz Khan, Diya Mirza, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. From a kid who didn’t have money to afford a bag of rice, to becoming a man who travels to distant places like Arizona, USA to train with renowned bodybuilders like Dennis James, Rakesh’s journey is one that definitely embodies inspiration and endless courage.

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