Professional fitness trainer Lloyd Stevens

Blog by Harshada Wagh

Up until 5 years ago, Lloyd Stevens was living a corporate life. He was always into fitness as a youngster and adamantly maintained that he would never “get out of shape”, but one day he saw a picture of himself and realised his corporate lifestyle had finally caught up.
It was at that very moment looking at this picture he decided to completely overhaul his life and get fit.
Under Kris’ guidance, Lloyd dedicated himself completely to transforming his physique in the 12 weeks – training hard and eating right – and the results were outstanding.
In fact, they were so fantastic that Lloyd decided to transform his life as a whole and left his well-paid job as a Marine Engineer to embark on a Personal Training career.
He was soon in high demand and even travelled to India to transform a major Bollywood star (Ranveer Singh) for a movie role that would become an Indian Box Office smash!
Upon his return he was given the opportunity to work for Ultimate Performance in London as a personal trainer and, recently, Lloyd Stevens entered the world famous Physique Of The Week competition and walked away with the title.

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