Prashant Sawant- DO OR DIE


Even as he was pursuing the technical course, he took the vital step of joining a local gymnasium in Dahisar. “As a child,Prashant Sawant was very fat and desperately wanted to look good,” he said.

What started as a fashion became a passion, which explains why he accepted the offer to be a part-time trainer in another local gym although the salary was measly. “They took me in as a trainer because I had a good body,” he said, throwing a glance at his bulging biceps. He also worked as an office assistant for Rs 1,000 a month.

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Soon, the 20-year-old got a Rs 3,000-a-month offer from 10, The Health Spa, a Bandra-based gymnasium. “Dad was not at all happy as he believed trainers had a short career,” said Prashant. “But I decided to take the risk. My reason was that I would change my line later if it did not pay off.”

The Bandra job put him in touch with the elite lot. “I met actors like Anupama Verma and Dino Morea and these people liked my style of training,” he said. The exposure that he got in the Bandra gym convinced him about the prospects in the field of fitness and he did a three-month course in fitness from the LM Fitness Academy in Bandra.

He started putting in extra hours and training a handful of high-profile clients at their houses. The most high-profile was star Shah Rukh Khan. “He took me along to Madhya Pradesh when he shot for Ashoka and also to Malaysia for another film,” he said about the most important breakthrough of his career. “Since then, Shah Rukh has been like a godfather to me.”

He started his Body Sculptor gym in Juhu in 2004, on the first floor of a building, a small garage serving as the cardio wing. Prashant Sawant kicked off with just one home treadmill but later, a dealer gave him two more treadmills on instalment. ”

Today, the state-of-the-art gym with more than 100 members, functions from two floors, and Prashant has a dozen people to assist him.

Patience, talent and hard work are the three important factors according to Prashant Sawant.

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