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Blog By: Aylin Hafeeza Hannan 


Here’s a little something about my client relevant to this post. Her only problem was postural deviation. Which affected the left side of her body causing pains on joints and muscles (left side). But she spent over 2lakhs on her treatment exceeding two years seeing orthopaedics and physiotherapists. It was no less than a shock to her to discover simple posture correcting solutions to her problem which was untreated despite all the treatment attained by her.
Before training the client
As personal trainers we have a scope of practice outside which we cannot operate. In her case, all I resorted to was posture correction. The hip tilt laterally caused a few muscles to lengthen and the laxity left her prone to pains, and tightened muscles were discomforting. My approach towards her training was the very basic. “Straighten before strengthen.” Postural assessment, Working towards correcting the posture, attaining a neutral pelvis, bringing to her notice the drift, locked knees, elevated shoulder on one side, and assuring the gait is stable without the tilt were all the key aspects to her training programme. In no less than 2weeks, she was free from pain. Although balancing strength on both sides can take a short while, considering her schedule we are slowly but gradually getting there.
Aside from those aspects, recommending healthier lifestyle options with emphasis on clean eating strategies within caloric range, hydration, squeezing in a walk for 30 minutes a day, and utmost importance to strength training was all part of our modest protocols to achieve a balance and strive for her quest of good health.
The idea of good health is an overall experience of well being. With aches and pains one is not liberated to feel great about himself/herself. Certain pains can take over your life and if you have a tight working schedule it’s all the more nerve wracking to concentrate and be productive., sometimes leaving the person depressed due to lack of functionality. This is an honest testimonial and bringing to attention the lack of efficiency from medics prescribing expensive MRI scans and treatments with no significant improvement was only adding to a state of anxiety and discouragement.
Having achieved a pain free happier state of being for my cherished client while being empowered by the entitlement of being a Personal Trainer add merits of joy to the feeling called, “JOB SATISFACTION.”

Client after a weeks' training
Bhargavi Chari, in her own words: 
“Aylin is an angel to me.  Yes, you read it right. I met her when I completely lost trust in all that medication and treatments I took by spending lakhs of rupees for  my supposed cervical spondylitis (C6).. I tried it all.. naturopathy, Homeopathy, and ofcourse allopathy.
Pain in the neck was very less. I actually had problem on the complete left side of my body. I would feel weak and tightend one side. And acidity or acid reflux would aggravate it even more.
It’s Aylin who identified the actual problem..which was my posture. The way I walk, sit, and stand. In just a week I got my posture corrected through simple exercises. She taught me workouts specific to each muscle on my left side. Though I didn’t pay regular visit for the workouts due to work and other commitments, I definitely saw alot of change in my posture.
Other important thing I can’t stop sharing about her is her positive attitude and her attention to every minute move we make during workout. She explains the importance of every move and why we are doing it. She is just amazing at her work..so true..so committed..And definitely she is not doing this for money..I say this is because she offered me a refund even though I was irregular to the sessions. No physiotherapy centre or doctor gave me my back despite their lack of efficiency with treatment. I feel excited and motivated seeing her. I just rejoined the sessions at her facility. I promised myself to be committed and consistent this time. I am glad that I met her.”
We personal trainers take our jobs personally! 

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