Personal Trainer in India

What is a personal trainer? Well, a person offering training services to people in exchange of money based on proper knowledge is known as a personal trainer.

A person who is self-motivated to hit the gym on a regular basis, maintain his own physique as well as motivate others to be fit and go to gym frequently should go for a business in this field. Yes, being a personal trainer is a kind of business where you sell your experience and knowledge to people. Now, a personal trainer must most importantly have the patience to explain each and every small detail of the exercise to the client. Behavior is the number one etiquette in a personal trainer’s life.

A personal trainer must also be aware of safe workout practices as well as proper work ethic; he or she must know the line and must not cross it, it counts as a bad work ethic. To be a successful trainer, one must know how to analyze different lifestyles, different types of diets and the proper human working as well as anatomy.

A personal trainer aspirant must be energetic as well as be able to live a stressful lifestyle. They must also be able to make use of different equipment for different people as everyone doesn’t want to train with weights; they prefer kettle bells, etc.

Requirements to be a personal trainer:-

  1. CertificationThis was as expected the first and foremost requirement to be a personal trainer, no one is fool enough to hire uncertified trainers who give out ‘bro-science’ and you’ve a heavy probability to get injured while being trained by them. The personal trainer must be certified, i.e., he must be able to provide proper knowledge and save his/her client from injury during the workout. In case of any misfortune, the trainer must be certified to act with appropriate measures and must be able to give CPR. The certifications provided in India are-the American Council on Exercise (ACE), BFY (Better Fitness for you) Sports and Fitness, National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA), National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA).
  2. ExperienceExperience plays a vital role in securing a client. Now, you must be thinking about what if you’ve just completed your certification and don’t have any experience. In this case, you may start working at a gym for experience or start giving out personal training at a very cheap rate. You mat target the college students to be your initial clients. Since college students are most motivated to get a nice physique, they have appropriate hormones to build a great physique pretty fast and don’t have enough money to hire a good personal trainer.
  1. Family History (Special Requirement)If you’re chosen to train a really young kid or a minor, then you may end up attaching your family history and police records in your CV. This is so because the family member always looks up for protection of their children and don’t want a person to train their children with poor family record or criminal background.

Job Aspects:-

  1. As a personal trainer for gym The first option is to work as a personal trainer for a gym. Most of the bigger chains offer with this option. Here, the trainers just have to train new clients for free for the first few days, and then if they like their work, they are allotted with certain fee. Now, here the fees given to the gym for the personal trainer is not directly given to the personal trainer but first the gym takes its commission which varies from gym to gym and then the remaining amount is given to the personal trainer. Now, if the trainer recommends supplements to the client, they’re supposed to tell them about the supplement store which has tied up with the gym chain and the personal trainer is either given very little or no commission at all.
  2. As a freelance trainerThis option is less popular but results in much fruitful rewards. This is so because you don’t work for any organization or gym here but all by yourself. You personally have to visit gyms, find potential employees and then offer them personal training but here you can recommend them with dietary supplements, drugs, etc. which isn’t much freely available as an option if you work as a personal trainer for a gym. Now, you can tie up with a supplement store which gives you supplements at a cheaper rate if you buy in bulk and then you provide supplementation to your client by your own resources. Here, you can earn a little amount apart from your regular earning. You can also add online personal training to your schedule, now this requires a good internet connection and a good quality phone camera. This type of coaching is gaining more and more popularity with time. In this, the trainer indulges in a video call over various social media platforms with his client and trains him using it. This method requires immense patience and command over the language because giving proper exercising instruction via mouth and visual representation is really a tough job. Coming to another perspective of this business, you can also have a business as an online trainer where you just provide your clients with diet plans and workout schedules. Now, coming to the disadvantage of this option; the only disadvantage is that you have to work really hard to secure clients.


The most important topic is here, the amount of money one can earn by being a personal trainer. The answer is really simple, it depends entirely on you. There are celebrity trainers who earn millions and then there are trainers who are stuck at a salary of 15,000 per month. This business depends entirely on your skills, your business strategies and your business ethics.